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30 or 60 Day January Reset

Who needs a 30- or 60-day reset?!

This will be a fun group – we will cheer each other on!

Facebook Group: Get Better 2018 – to be added to the group, click on the link for the group and request to be added, or just email 

Coaching from Erin Chamerlik, MS Holistic Nutrition Education

You will get a plan, recipes, regular Facebook Live coaching videos, and a fantastic community of support. We will help you – even if you do not like to cook, you will find easy options!

Don’t diet.

It doesn’t work for lasting change. Learn what really works, get results and enjoy the process!

No purchase required, but many people love having a meal replacement shake and a few supplements to support the process, increase the results, increase metabolism and decrease cravings – more information is found below.


There will be new tips and ideas to help you on your real food journey.
This is open to everyone! It is free to join the private Facebook group to have access to all the information and support: Get Better 2018

There will be many food ideas and recipes shared.

💃🏼This is your journey and I will help you learn:
⭐️the best way to eat for weight loss or weight gain
⭐️the best way to eat if you have one or more autoimmune conditions
⭐️How to cut cravings
⭐️How to increase satisfaction with your food
⭐️How to increase your mental sharpness
⭐️How to increase the breakdown of fat
⭐️How to avoid the afternoon slump
⭐️How to avoid stress eating

Learn Tips and Tricks to give you success on your health journey.

This is not a DIEt. You will not feel hungry when following the suggestions!

Real food is encouraged! Moderate protein, low to no grain, with vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts. Delicious meal ideas if you are worried that you won’t know what to eat! 🙂

Get Results and Lots of Encouragement and Support

Everyone gets access for free!

Access to Get Better 2018 private Facebook group for coaching, encouragement, community, recipes, ideas support for your 30 or 60 day journey. Free.

To have access, request to be added to this group by clicking on the link: Get Better 2018 or email