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The Connection Between Hormones and Depression


Question: Are there natural ways to deal with stress and anxiety?

Answer: YES!

One often overlooked cause of stress, anxiety and depression is hormonal imbalance.

The best way to measure active hormone levels is with a saliva specimen, and you can order your own test kit to collect the specimen at home.

Results are evaluated by the doctors on staff at the lab, and if you order your kit through my store you will save money and get a free 20 minute consultation after the results are in – I will help you know what to do with the results. Almost always (!) when we test women’s hormones we find that they are estrogen dominant and need to bring up progesterone levels naturally.

Read a testimony below from Stephanie!

In the meantime, using aromatherapy (with essential oils that are therapeutic grade) can help you feel calm and uplifted. I love to use Frankincense, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Stress Away and Lavender.


All five essential oils are great to use in an


ultrasonic diffuser or


aromatherapy jewelry.

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Stephanie wrote:
Twist 25 DHEA cream has been a miracle cream for me. After menopause, any kind of stress (big or small) caused me to break out in chronic hives. I also for some reason became extremely anxious when flying or driving. The Twist 25 DHEA cream stopped the hives! And the anxiety!

And as a side effect, I got my libido back! I stopped using it for a day and the stress and some of the hives came back. I love this stuff! I feel like I’m on antidepressants without any of the horrible side effects. Just happy and more calm. I also use Progessense essential oil for progesterone but the DHEA cream has boosted me over the top of the depression.”

FIGHT DEPRESSION WITH DHEA – article from Health2go

If you’ve been struggling with mild to moderate depression for a while now, you may be looking for a way to finally feel better. You probably don’t want to start antidepressants, or you may have tried them with little success and fear the many side effects and risks.

Fortunately, there is another basic more natural option. In the last few years, medical research has shown that DHEA, a naturally occurring pro-hormone, a base building block for most hormones in the body, can help to stave off depression, especially for people 35 and up.

While there are obviously many factors that affect depression, declining hormones are a major contributing factor. As the most abundant hormone base in the human body, DHEA is very important to many functions in the body, one of which is cognitive function, memory, focus, energy and feeling of well-being.


If you are 30 or older and are starting to feel blah and drained of energy, and just don’t have the zest for life you did when you were 20-25, it might be time to try a more simple natural holistic solution, – a special skin cream made with coconut oil, bioidentical DHEA, Vitamin E and Co-enzyme Q-10 called Twist 25 DHEA cream. No soy, no parabens, gluten free, no cyclodextrins, no oily residue, no odor. Just bioidentical DHEA, what the body makes naturally applied where the body uses it naturally anyway, the skin.

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