Eat well. Be well.

Real Food

What I ate for Breakfast

Uncured Bacon, Farm-fresh eggs, asparagus, bell pepper, left over sweet potato, cooked in Kerrygold butter.


Asparagus, bell pepper, tomatoes, Brussels Sprouts and eggs cooked in coconut oil, with Turmeric

Burgers with raw cheese, mayo on greens with tomatoes and grapes

Elena’s Paleo Bread with mayo, uncured bacon, cheese, tomato and raw carrots

Green Protein Smoothie


Garden of Life Raw Protein, Coconut Milk, 2 Raw pastured eggs, veggies (cucumber, broccoli, tomato), frozen fruit (dark cherries, pineapple core for bromelain), L-glutamine powder for muscle recovery and nourishing the gut, super food Spirulina Pacifica 1 tsp






Get creative and have fun with your food!

 Yes, I ate that all by myself, and was full for hours and hours.

3 eggs, 2 organic sausage, veggies. Yum!

We cook bacon on Sunday and use the left over bacon during the week for a quick breakfast.

Left over roasted tomato, Brussels sprouts and broccoli – heat n eat.


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