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Which water is best to use for making baby formula?


Which water is best to use for making baby formula?


Nursery water and tap water have fluoride that can damage the teeth-to-be (all people should avoid fluoride in water, toothpaste, dental treatments etc – accumulates in the brain, weakens the bones, links to cancer and all sorts of fun stuff).

See the paper written by Russell Blaylock, MD neurosurgeon, “Why Fluoride is Toxic.”

How to Filter Water at Home

  • The best water is home-filtered water using reverse osmosis or some system that removes fluoride and other contaminants (there are hundreds on contaminants in water that can’t be boiled out).
  • Check out AquaSana for an affordable filter that leaves the minerals in the water.
  • The pitcher filters and carbon filters don’t remove fluoride effectively.
  • Boiling water kills bacteria but doesn’t get rid of chemicals like fluoride.

Take steps today to remove all sources of fluoride from your water and oral care products. Here is a line I recommend: fluoride-free toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss. 


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