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Success Stories

Clear Mind, Clear Skin, and The Weight Just Fell Off

Ceci’s Story

Just last year I was 30 pounds heavier and didn’t have a day where I didn’t feel
exhausted, overwhelmed, sick, bloated and experienced lots of pain in my body.
My doctor had told me that I had MS and that I needed to come back for tests. I thought
I was healthy, but I have since come to know what true health really is. In the midst of
experiencing so much pain, Erin suggested that I try going grain free, something that I
had never heard of. I really thought that all my issues could NOT be caused by food, but
I was tired of being sick and tired, so I was willing to try anything.

Immediately within the first week many of my symptoms went away. Completely.
Within a month, I had more energy than I had in years. My skin cleared up, my
addiction to sugar subsided, weight was falling off , my mind cleared, my hair stopped
falling out and I started feeling like I had the energy to live life and take care of my
family. I hadn’t had energy in three or four years.

Today I am in awe each day that I have the energy that I do. Last year I wouldn’t have
been able to even imagine doing the daily things that I do now. My body looks better, my
mind is so much clearer and I do not experience pain anymore. It is amazing what food
can do, how dead food can make you feel, and how much energy and life whole food
gives you.

As a success story, I encourage you to try Erin’s program. You will not regret it. You will
be amazed at how much better you will feel and how much more of life you will get to
experience and enjoy when you give your body what it needs!

I started Ceci’s Grain Free Goodies to help people, like myself, get through those initial
days of the cleanse that can be difficult when you are learning a new way to cook and
feed your family. I struggled with wanting some warm comfort foods and did not know
how to get them without eating the foods on the banned list. I am now so grateful for
those struggles because I have learned to cook things that are not damaging to my body
but still give me a taste of home. I can have chocolate cake and not have an ounce of
guilt because it is made grain-free with whole foods that actually help my body instead of
inflame it.

I encourage you to make TODAY the day that you end the cycle of addiction that food has
on us. Get back to health and enjoy the life that you were given and live it to the fullest.

Ceci’s Grain-free Goodies,


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