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Who Should Eat Pasta?


How did we come to believe the notion that pasta dishes are health food?

Even your favorite steamed vegetables can’t transform a bowl of noodle-shaped processed and refined flour into health food.

Those delicious Trader Joes rice noodle soup bowls appear to be healthy. trader joes noodle

Are Trader Joes Noodle Bowls Healthy?

  •  Ingredients are usually recognizable food items and not chemicals (except for a few unwanted ingredients like autolyzed yeast).
  • It cooks up quickly when you add your own water.
  • The Nutrition Facts label says it is just 130 calories.

End of story?

No! Look again, it says Servings Per Container equals 2.

Ha ha ha ha! Two servings, Trader Joes, you have got to be kidding.

That little plastic bowl of soup barely would feed a four year old. Now, we have to double all of the nutrition facts to get the real story.

Trader Joe’s Soup Bowls give you 52 grams of carbs (no fiber) and it is quickly converting into 13 teaspoons of sugar in your body.

Get the sugar bowl out, kids.

Dive in with your spoon and eat 13 teaspoons of sugar….or you can have noodle soup!

What about homemade pasta dishes?

Or what about pasta made with whole grains or sprouted grains?

Looking at a regular pasta package is deceiving.

Who eats a portion the size of half a tennis ball?

Take a measuring cup to measure your first serving of pasta and it will be closer to two cups. Do you go back for seconds?

Are you really eating 3 or 4 cups of pasta?

Pasta, made with any kind of flour, is a highly refined carbohydrate.

This means that the pasta will quickly convert into sugar in your body, spiking your blood glucose levels. Your pancreas needs to secrete a bunch of insulin to keep things under control, but most of the glucose won’t end up in your cells, most ends up stored as fat (spare tire?).

 Spaghetti, 2 cups = 80 grams of carbs. This converts into 20 teaspoons of sugar in your body.

Pasta dishes carb content from popular restaurants

Carbs turn into sugar very quickly as we eat them. How much sugar? To estimate teaspoons, divide grams of carbs by 4.

  • PF Chang’s Shrimp Pad Thai – 153 g carbs (38 tsp sugar) and the Vegetarian Fried Rice is 201 g carbs (50 tsp sugar)
  • Olive Garden Spaghetti and Meatballs – 110g carbs (27.5 tsp sugar) and the Chicken Scampi is 103g carbs (26 tsp sugar)
  • Spaghetti Factory Hearty Sicilian Meatballs – 192 g carbs (48 tsp sugar)
  • Noodles & Co Indonesian Peanut Sauté converts into 38 tsp sugar. 38 teaspoons of sugar from Indonesian Peanut Sauté??? But it sounds so healthy!

And you haven’t even had the bread yet. This could easily add another 10 tsp of sugar.

 Noodles Inflate Your Spare Tire.Microsoft Pasta2

Why are 67% of Americans overweight or obese?

Because we have believed the notion that we need to eat 8 to 10 servings of bread and cereal each day.

Today, we are eating 45% more calories from grains than we did in 1970 and 90% of the grains we eat are refined.

Americans love to eat bagels, bread, pretzels, cereal, crackers and pasta and we fool ourselves into thinking we are making healthy choices when all these foods are really like sitting down with the sugar bowl in our hand, spooning in 1/2 – 1 cup of sugar per serving.

You can get fat from carbohydrates like bagels, spaghetti, and rice noodles.

Who should eat pasta?

That is like asking who should eat 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar? Nobody. Not athletes, not kids, not you.

These wild spikes in blood glucose lead to crashes later on. Your hypoglycemic state will compel you to dash to the kitchen two hours later to eat whatever food you can get your hands on, usually more carbs in the form of chips and popcorn, washed down with more carbs from soda or alcohol.

What can we eat to be healthy and lose weight?

Animal protein like meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Plus, two or three servings of vegetables at each meal. Vegetables provide you with healthy carbs full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients that nourish the body.

Whole fruit, not fruit juice which is too high in sugar, can be enjoyed too, but for most people 1 to 3 servings of whole fruit is plenty per day. Add in nuts, seeds and plenty of healthy fat each day.

After you have this on your plate you can fill your carb cravings with a serving of sweet potatoes, loaded with vitamin A and beta carotene.

Need a noodle fix?

Try spaghetti squash to hold a nice meat sauce, or try zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice.

Vegetables for breakfast?

The night before you can make a batch of green smoothies.

You will have a quick, delicious fruit and vegetable drink. Grab a hard boiled egg or a beef stick to up the protein and you are out the door in minutes with a breakfast that will sustain you.

The path to health is simple.

Eat whole food. Real food.

As close to the way God created it as possible.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the food label, then you probably do not want to eat the food.

You are free to choose your actions.

Are you willing to accept the consequences?