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Science Shows DHEA Allows Deeper Sleep at Night

Half the U.S. adult population suffers from poor quality sleep at night.

Sleep drives energy, focus, and sense of well-being.

Hormones drive many aspects of our lives: how we sleep, how we feel, energy levels, mood, drive, muscle tone, and fat. A plentiful normal balance of hormones over time is crucial to stay healthy. An essential pro-hormone, or base building block for hormones, is DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA is a precursor or base building block from which hormone molecules are made by the body.

Recent findings show that higher DHEA levels are associated with deeper REM sleep thus allowing sounder sleep at night. Higher levels of DHEA also help support immune function and reduce the risk of cancer. People with higher levels of DHEA have less abdominal fat and a lower risk of cancer, while people with lower levels of DHEA have more abdominal fat, sleep poorly, and have a higher risk of getting cancer.

In fact, most of the unpleasant signs people are getting older are driven by declining hormone levels. The naturally occurring pro-hormone DHEA is the most abundant foundation or base from which the body makes hormones. Levels of DHEA made by the body gradually increase until about age 25, when we are “in our prime” and then gradually decrease thereafter at a rate of 2% less DHEA each year.

So by age 35 people usually have about 20% less DHEA in the body than when they were age 25; and by age 50 people are making about half as much DHEA as when they were healthiest.

DHEA is a base for estrogen, testosterone, and 50 other hormones.

Most DHEA metabolism actually occurs in the largest organ of the body, the dermis, the skin. Many metabolic processes go on in the skin: consider where vitamin D is made and processed by the body – the skin. DHEA is much the same. In post menopausal women, most hormones are actually metabolized in the skin.

Research studies show that higher levels of DHEA make people healthier, happier and more productive – People have more energy, get more done and are in a better mood. Deeper REM sleep is also known to occur.

So rather than taking sleeping pills, the way to stave off declines in health and support the immune system is to apply Twist 25 DHEA cream daily.

Providing the body with adequate levels of the pro-hormone, DHEA, after age 35 makes sense and is very safe, not addictive or habit forming in any way.

When hormone levels are maintained, people sleep better at night so the zest and enjoyment of life is maintained.

Clinical research studies done by Dr. E. Friess and others shows that “DHEA administration induced a significant (P<0.05) increase in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, whereas all other sleep variables remained unchanged compared with the placebo condition.”

So, if DHEA improves REM sleep, helps reduce belly fat and does many other beneficial things, how does one get and use DHEA?

DHEA must be provided to the body the right way – as a bioidentical cream applied on the skin absorbed in the skin. A properly made pharmaceutical grade bioidentical DHEA cream absorbed in the skin works best.

It turns out supplementing DHEA in the skin is the most natural and beneficial way to use DHEA because much DHEA metabolism actually occurs in the skin. It is what the body makes naturally applied where the body uses it.

Oral DHEA supplements are eliminated by the liver, and what little DHEA does enter the bloodstream is DHEA sulfate (DHEA-S) not free DHEA. DHEA-S is good, but not near as good or as beneficial as free DHEA. Since DHEA is processed by the body in the skin, DHEA absorbed through the skin is what the body uses applied where the body uses it.

Twist 25 DHEA Cream” is bioidentical DHEA cream in a special coconut oil cream.

Twist 25 is beneficial in many ways for people 35 and up; Twist 25 cream is laboratory tested.

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The cream provides noticeable results people begin to feel within just a few weeks.

         sleep better

         awaken refreshed

          have more energy

          better mood

          lose weight

 All good. No dangerous side effects. A pro-hormone we make naturally applied to the skin where we use it.

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