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Raise DHEA to be Healthier, More Productive, Better Mood, Better Sleep & Lose Weight

Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 26, 2012

  • DHEA is a pro-hormone shown by medical research to do many beneficial things.
  • DHEA must be used as a cream rather than a pill to work.
  • DHEA decreases as we age after age 25, so using a daily bioidentical DHEA cream is important to good health and happiness for people 35 and up.

Hormones drive many aspects of our lives: how we feel, energy levels, mood, muscle tone, immune response, belly fat, bone strength, sex, quality of sleep, how productive we are and more. Most of the unpleasant signs we are getting older are driven by declining hormone levels as we age.

The naturally occurring pro-hormone DHEA is the most abundant foundation or base from which the body makes hormones. Levels of DHEA made by the body are highest at about age 25, when we are “in our prime” and gradually decrease thereafter. In fact, after age 25 people make about 2% less DHEA each year.

So by age 35 most people make 20% less DHEA than when they were 25; and by age 50 most people make 1/2 as much DHEA as when they were healthiest. DHEA is a base for estrogens, testosterone, and 50 other hormones.

It is also the base for sebum, skin oil. Most DHEA metabolism actually occurs in the largest organ of the body, the dermis, the skin.

Research studies show that higher levels of DHEA make people healthier and more productive – better mood, more active and sleep better.

Or maybe that should be stated in a different order as:

#1 sleep better

#2 feel better

#3 have more energy

#4 be more active

#5 eat less

#6 lose weight

– in that order.


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Providing the body with adequate levels of the pro-hormone, DHEA, after age 35 makes sense.

The right DHEA supplement provided the right way can fight off many declines in physical fitness as we get older. The Mayo Clinic says “The majority of clinical trials investigating the effect of DHEA on weight or fat loss support its use for this purpose.”

DHEA is the most abundant pro-hormones in the body, a base building block for the hormones produced. It turns out supplementing DHEA in the skin is a more natural and beneficial way to use DHEA because DHEA metabolism occurs in the skin.

Oral DHEA supplements are eliminated by the liver, and what little DHEA does enter the bloodstream is DHEA sulfate not DHEA. DHEA-S is good, but not near as good as beneficial as DHEA. DHEA is actually processed by the body in the skin. So DHEA absorbed through the skin is what the body uses, where the body uses it.

That is why daily use of bioidentical DHEA cream Twist 25 is beneficial in many ways for people 35 and up; but DHEA must be used as a properly made cream to work. Twist 25® DHEA cream is DHEA the right way and tested for proper mix and strength. Twist 25 cream provides noticeable results people feel in just a few weeks.


The only DHEA supplement I recommend is the high quality bioidentical Twist 25 DHEA cream.

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