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DHEA Counterbalances Cortisol

Stress. Adrenal glands. DHEA.

Achieving healthy, happy hormone balance is important!

Science is showing the benefits of transdermal application of bioidentical DHEA for improving mood, energy and more.

Study at UCSF Medical School 

  • gave test subjects diagnosed with clinical depression DHEA during a
  • 6 week double-blind placebo controlled study.
  • Dosages were given to bring patients’ DHEA levels up to the levels they had when they were 20-30 years old to regain “youthful” levels.
  • Psychological tests done after 6 weeks showed that half of the study participants’ mood scores improved by more than 30%.

 Study at National Institute of Mental Health

  • middle-aged study participants’ DHEA levels were tested in association to measures of mood and depression.
  • DHEA was shown to significantly alleviate the participants’ depression.
  • 7 symptoms in particular improved significantly:
  • low energy, 
  • lack of pleasure,
  • low motivation,
  • emotional numbness,
  • sadness,
  • excessive worrying, and
  • inability to cope.
  • If DHEA supplementation was stopped, these symptoms of depression came back.

Medical research shows the human body metabolizes most DHEA into other hormones, such as testosterone, in the skin. The skin is where we use much of the DHEA we make. So Twist 25 cream actually provides exactly what the body produces naturally, bioidentical DHEA, where we use it, in the skin.

Twist 25 belly fat reductionBackground info

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is the most abundant base building block for hormones in the body.

We gradually make more and more DHEA until about age 25; then produce less and less as time passes — about 2% less every year. So by age 35, the effects of declining hormones begin to be felt in many ways.

The right DHEA supplement used as a cream absorbed in the skin can provide noticeable advantages so people look and feel healthy and also reduce the risks of many diseases of aging.

Medical research shows DHEA must be delivered to the body as a cream rather than as a pill supplement.

DHEA supplementation does many other things to support health and well-being.

I recommend Twist25 for my clients and my family.

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