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Sleep Deprived? It may be contributing to belly fat

Sleep Deprived?  

There may be a connection to belly fat.

Written by Erin Chamerlik, Nutrition Educator, MS, MT(ASCP)

Nearly half the U.S. adult population suffers from poor quality sleep at night and one third of all adults are sleeping less than six hours per night. This lack of restful sleep is affecting more than just daily activities.

Sleep drives energy, focus, and sense of well-being and when sleep quality is poor, sixty-seven percent of people also report that their health is poor.

The lack of adequate sleep (about seven to nine hours is needed per night) impacts hormone function and blood sugar metabolism. Hormones drive many aspects of our lives: how we sleep, how we feel, energy levels, mood, drive, muscle tone, and fat.

Shortchange Sleep, Increase Appetite and Cortisol

Even one night of poor sleep results in a cascade of problems the next day.

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