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Top 10 Ways to Save Money with Young Living Essential Oils

Top 10 Ways to Save Money with Young Living

By Audrey Miller

Would you like to use Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils and save money at the same time? Read below for the top 10 ways to do that!

Like most things, you truly get what you pay for.

YL 01 FrankincenseBack in ancient and Biblical times, essential oils like frankincense were valued more than gold and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. But today the oils are available to everyone!

They are still just as precious but one needs to beware of counterfeits.

Don’t be fooled by “fool’s gold” – other essential oils masquerading as “the real thing.”

To possess a truly therapeutic grade essential oil will be an investment. Like thousands of others throughout the globe, we consider our Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils an investment in our lives and in our future.

1. Become an Independent Distributor

The very first step in saving money is to become an Independent Distributor by purchasing one of the Premium Starter Kits (around $160, depending on the kit), which will give you wholesale prices on all of your purchases. You save 24% off of retail (or Customer) pricing. There is no obligation to “build a business.” All you have to do to stay active is to purchase a minimum of 50pv (basically $50) per year (every 12 months).

2. Essential Rewards

Would you like FREE product from Young Living? By enrolling in the Essential Rewards Autoship Program (monthly order) you can earn back up to 20% of your PV (personal volume) on your order, which you can redeem for qualifying free oils and products. When you put that together with a 24% discount for distributor (wholesale) pricing… that is some significant savings!

• Months 1 – 6, earn back 10%
• Months 6 – 12 earn back 15%
• After 12 months, earn back 20%

This is huge!

If you are going to be ordering anyway, it definitely pays to have your orders come to you via a monthly autoship – the Essential Rewards Program.

It is easy to sign up – sign in to your Virtual Office and click on Essential Rewards Program on the left and just follow the screen prompts. There are other advantages to being on the program, such as reduced shipping costs and monthly specials which includes more free product – exclusively for those on the Essential Rewards program.

Here is an example from Erin Chamerlik, Young Living Silver, who is wisely choosing to not leave any money on the table!

Erin says:

a. “It gets better all the time. I get $194 $209 for spending $300! My ER is set for $300…here’s what I get besides my products:

  • Reduced shipping,
  • $60 back for regular rewards.
  • This month, I get Peppermint, Basil and Longevity (FREE) and
  • MORE Rewards Points, $104 value.
  • I ordered the NingXia Red Essential Rewards Pack, saving me another $30 vs buying individual products. $194! No brainer.”

b. After including another money-saving promotion that is currently running (see #5 – Oil Infused Program) Erin was able to save an additional $15.00! $209 on a $300 order! Yep – no brainer!

3. Share with others – earn your products

Young Living will reward you when you introduce someone else to essential oils and they begin using them. Whether it is $300, $500, $1,000 per month or more, the more you share the more you are rewarded with a monthly check.

fourYears-600x600Everyone naturally shares about things they like all the time.

For instance, when we see a good movie we naturally tell someone else about it. When was the last time a movie company paid you for doing that? Exactly. They don’t. But Young Living will, and it can be a fun and rewarding process, one in which you are not alone and will receive support.

Whether you would like to earn enough to just pay for your products, or go beyond that, if this is something that interests you, please contact Erin.

Always plan on attending local YL classes and monthly Meet-Ups, so that you can learn more about this topic. Please ask Erin for a free copy of The Four Year Career!

4. Replace frequently used toxic products with all natural essential oils and essential-infused products

3039Every month families purchase ongoing household and personal care items –

All of these items are available at Young Living, generally last longer, go further, and are more effective than the same watered-down versions at the store. A bottle of shampoo at the store may be less money at first glance, but when comparing a per-use cost, you can come out the same or even ahead by using Young Living, and have a much better result in the end by eliminating toxic and harmful chemicals.

Transfer the products you are using now over to Young Living and save, without having to put out any more money each month than you would have already spent.


4475.jpg_413384375How many specialized cleaning products do we actually need?

Do we really need one for the bathroom, another one for the kitchen, a different one for floors, etc.?

You can switch or transfer 100% of all your cleaning products to the Thieves Household Cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, for pennies per day.

It is very budget friendly because as little as 1 tsp of concentrate is used to prepare a quart of cleaner. Clean out your cabinets of all those cleaning product bottles and simplify with ONE bottle of all purpose Thieves Household Cleaner.

Example of $$ saved using Thieves Household Cleaner

by Debra Raybern, Royal Crown Diamond:

Thieves Household cleaner can be used for cleaning

  • walls
  • toilets
  • countertops
  • cupboards
  • bath tubs
  • showers
  • floors
  • carpets
  • car leather
  • upholstery
  • patio furniture
  • appliances
  • ovens
  • mirrors and more.

GBW Thieves Household Cleaner

Make a Quart of Household All Purpose Cleaner for a Quarter!

1972-1964-silver-quarter-0001One teaspoon of Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) makes one quart all purpose cleaner for 25 cents, compared to store bought cleaner with an average price of $ 3.50.

In all, the THC at a cost of $ 22.00/14.4 ounces can make enough general cleaning products to clean your home for several months saving you over $100.00 with just one product yearly.

Make 85 quart bottles of cleaner for $22 (14.4 ounces Thieves Household Cleaner) .25/quart

Make 384 quart bottles of cleaner for $85.25 (64 ounces Thieves Household Cleaner) .22/quart

Thieves Foaming hand soap and YL bath gel  can also be used for dish soap!


Thieves Household Cleaner Ingredients: Proprietary suspension of safe surfactants (wetting agents) and Thieves® essential oil (a proprietary blend of 100% pure Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Mrs Meyer’s Multi Surface Cleaner contains ingredients I avoid including polysorbate 20 and PEG-5.

Price comparison of Thieves Household Cleaner vs. Mrs Meyer’s

Yearly use based on 8 bottles used.

  • THC – 8 bottles, made from using 1 capful per one quart water: $2.00/yr
  • Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner, 16 ounce, costs $3.99 each, and 8 bottles equals $ 31.92 in a year.
  • Young Living is a clean, non-toxic product that saves you $29.92 per year.


Make a Quart of THC Window/Mirror Cleaner for 3 Cents!

  • THC – $ .03 cents each (using 1/8th teaspoon THC to one quart water). Use: three bottles per year totals $ .09.
  • Compare to Windex (ingredients not safe for children and pets) at $ 4.19 per bottle, three bottles/year will cost $12.38 per year..
  • Young Living THC is a clean, non-toxic product that saves you $ 12.29 per year. 

Floor cleaner for tile, vinyl, etc.

  • Used once per week (52 uses)
  • THC – use one capful in a bucket of water for 52 weeks, the cost is $ 13.00 per year.
  • Swiffer, 32 ounce at $ 3.87 per bottle, at 8 mops per bottle per directions. Swiffer’s annual cost is $25.15
  • Young Living saves you $12.15 per year.

So far we have a savings of $ 54.36 in home cleaning products.

Not to mention THC is an all-purpose concentrate household cleaner using 100% plant and mineral based ingredients. Biodegradable and complies with EPA standards. No harsh smells, no concern if some splashes on you, safe around children and pets.”

5. Take advantage of the monthly special and special short-term promotions

Bump up your order to 190pv, 250pv or 300pv – each level will have a way to save more money by receiving a free oil or product, receiving more Rewards Points, etc. See Erin’s example above in #2.

This is ongoing and is monthly!
a. Participating in the O.I.L. Infused Lifestyle Promotion until the end of 2015.
b. Many times during the last days of the month YL will offer a product at a reduced price until the end of the month.

6. Dilute shampoos and conditioners and bath soaps 50/50

We use and love the Young Living Bath Gels in our family. It is very concentrated so we decided to pour out 1⁄2 the bottle into another container, and fill the rest of both of the bottles with water. It still did the job and now you have 2 bottles – twice as much!

We have done this with other YL products, which are very concentrated and have found them to still be effective but go much further.

7. Put essential oils in a Roll-On bottle.

This saves the amount of oil used and also cuts down on any waste of the oils.

8. Put oils in one of the Massage Oils or V-6 Lotion

massage-oils-shadowIt is easier to spread 1 drop of therapeutic grade essential oil over a larger area if you mix it in one of Young Living’s massage oils, or in the V-6 oil.

9. Become Healthy!

With the regular use of essential oils and Ningxia Red you can enjoy a better quality of life. This not only benefits you but society as a whole and saves everyone money as well as time.



10. Make Useful Gifts Instead of Purchasing a Dust Collector!

• Gift Baskets for any occasion
• Custom massage oils and creams
• Room deodorizers
• Wellness sprays and oil blends
• Sprays that allow you to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free!
• Breath sprays
• Skin care creams
• Kids lotions or even healthy Play-Doh!
• Soaps and other homemade items for the bath such as Bath Salts

Enjoy Young Living’s products,

but also make your own custom tailor-made items for gifts.

Save more than you would spend at the store for some of these items, and offer the healthy version. People enjoy receiving something that they can use and that will benefit them in the short and long run.

What events are coming up so that you can begin preparing gifts for your family and friends?

• Wedding coming up?

• Anniversary?
• New neighbor?
• New home?

• Mother’s or Father’s Day?

• Birthday?
• Congratulations?
• Graduation?

Why not plan a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or “Make and Take” workshop in your home using Young Living’s oils and products? Invite others to participate and introduce them to the wonderful world of essential oils and the Young Living lifestyle!


Have you enjoyed learning about some ways to save money living the Young Living lifestyle?

If you have any questions and for more resources please ask about:

• “The Four Year Career” Book

• Sharing Young Living Essential Oils with others

• Hosting a class or workshop in your home, office, church, library or other location

Thank You!

Questions: Contact Erin

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