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EWG Dirty Dozen Cancer Prevention

EWG came out with the Dirty Dozen Cancer Prevention

The list from EWG includes:
1. BPA (plastic, can linings)
2. Atrazine (Corn in U.S.)
3. Organophosphate pesticides (buy organic!)
4. DBP (flexible plastic like shower curtains, rain coats, plastic wrap)
5. Lead (filter your drinking water, exposure to old paint)
6. Mercury (amalgam fillings, some vaccines, some fish)
7. PFCs (coatings used to be grease- and stain-repellents like fast food wrappers, Gortex, Teflon, Stain- or Water-repellent clothing and fabrics, Microwavable popcorn bags)
8. Phthalates (soft plastic, “fragrance” – perfume, deodorant, carpeting, IV drip bags, cosmetics, bath/body care)
9. Diethlyhexyl Phthalate DEHP (alter thyroid hormones found in products with “fragrance” Cleaning products, air fresheners, personal care products)
10. PBDEs (Foam products made before 2005: furniture, mattress, pillows, carpet padding, electronics)
11. Triclosan: Antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, toothbrushes, toys, cutting boards, personal care products)
12. Nonylphenol (Detergents, paints, personal care, plastic)

Download the pdf

This is why I try to use non-toxic products for bath/body, cleaning my home.

This is why I got my mercury fillings removed.

This is why I hate mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines.

This is why I threw out teflon coated pans.

This is why I filter my drinking water.

This is why I avoid plastic food storage and use Glass Lock when possible.

This is why I don’t use products with “fragrance” and opt for pure essential oil-infused products.

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