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Essential Oils

How to (get them to) Sleep on the Plane


Angelica + Peace & Calming **



If you travel by airplane very often you may encounter difficult passengers. Or maybe it is your own children being difficult!

Here is a little testimony to help calm children when traveling – even adult children!

“While the plane was sitting on the tarmac waiting for take off, two guys sitting behind me were getting pretty rowdy. Acting more like young teenagers, they were beginning to bounce around in their seats, kicking my seat, you get the picture.

I pulled out my oils and put on a good dose of White Angelica essential oil blend all over my head, neck, shoulders and arms. I followed this with Peace & Calming blend on the back of my neck and took some deep breaths.

3428I noticed a few minutes later that the guys were silent, and there had been no movement at all for awhile. I glanced back and saw that they were both sound asleep. I had a very peaceful plane ride after that!”

Moral of the story: Don’t leave home without Peace & Calming  and White Angelica!




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