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Never Miss Another Opportunity to See the Sunrise

Our entire lives we have been taught to be afraid of the sun. At the same time we have been systematically indoctrinated to believe that we need an ever-increasing list of shots, drugs and pills to exist as humans. Our bodies were created to heal themselves and much of the healing comes from the sun.

Morning Natural Light is Essential

Regularly being outside at dawn (even in winter and on cloudy days), or at least within the first 90 minutes of the day, can be life-changing. Morning light is heavy in red and infrared wavelengths so it is great to get that particular light in your eye and on your skin. The more intense UV rays come out later.

Energize your brain – go outside

When we are outside, especially in morning light, we energize our brain.

Go outside, with naked eyes (without glasses, contacts and sunglasses). Gaze east at the brightest part of the sky, but not directly at the sun. Get the light in your eyes and on your skin. Modern glass in our automobiles and homes will block or reduce most of the rays we want. Open your windows when driving and when in your house! Window screens will let the light in.

Sunlight is free.

Sunlight is free and we are meant to be outside absorbing the rays. You can get the desired frequency of light from a campfire and IR sauna too. Man-made red light therapy devices are beneficial (and expensive) but they can never duplicate what we get from the sun.

What if it is not “Food First”

This concept has been a little mind-bending for me but I do appreciate all I am learning about the sun, water, and grounding for health. Eating the perfect real food diet is important but if you live your life indoors and do not get outside in nature you will not achieve the level of health that you desire.

Whole-body benefits from the sun.

Get the morning light into your eyes and on your skin and experience benefits for energy, mood, and a reduction in inflammation and pain. The infrared rays at daybreak are healing to your mitochondria which means you experience whole-body benefits.

The skin responds well to red and infrared wavelengths of light.

Contrary to all the misinformation we have received about the sun, early morning rays on your skin will help restore, renew, heal and repair the skin. [source]

Red light on your skin enhances the production of collagen the main structural protein in the skin and other tissues like cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments. Collagen can help keep the skin looking smooth.

I like grass-fed collagen as a supplemental food source. Consuming hydrolyzed collagen for 90 days has been shown to reduce skin aging. [source] However, this is key: the red light enhances my body’s own production of collagen—for free.

Morning light in your eyes and on your skin is key for hormone balance.

The light works in the brain to turn on certain hormones. The UVA sunlight present in the morning triggers tryptophan to turn into your happy hormone, serotonin and it triggers tyrosine and phenylalanine to turn into dopamine. The hormones triggered by this light are important for helping us deal with stress, for motivation and focus, and for energy production and reproduction.

Red light therapy has been shown to promote improvement of thyroid function and decrease the need for medication. [source]

Morning light sets our circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythm is the body’s 24 hour clock. It is essential for life. If it is not preserved, serious diseases might develop. [source]

Circadian rhythm is the governing signal that tells our cells what functions to perform and when to perform those functions. For example, your body’s cells will work on digestion more efficiently during the day. We are not meant to wake up at 2:00 a.m. with darkness in our eyes and eat a meal. In the darkness at night our body is working on functions such as cleaning and repair.

Light sets our circadian rhythms and energizes our body at the cellular and mitochondrial level. If you want more energy, motivation, focus, less inflammation and overall better health, — get outside, ideally in the first hour or two of the day and go outside during the day for little breaks.

Your circadian rhythms are disrupted by light from computer/phone/tv screens, especially at night.

Any light that enters our eyes will communicate a certain message to the tiny region of the brain in the hypothalamus where there is a master clock called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, or SCN. [source] That’s why we do not want to stare at our artificial blue light screens and flip on bright light bulbs at night.

“Chronic exposure to low‐intensity blue light directly before bedtime, may have serious implications on sleep quality, circadian phase and cycle durations.” The constant light emitted from screens tells the brain that it is high noon—no wonder our nation has so many sleep issues. [source]

Bottom line: Be present and more connected to the morning light and that will start to shift things in a beneficial way. We have to get outside more, a few minutes in the early morning, and a few outside breaks here and there during the day will begin to compound the health benefits when we are consistent. A little everyday is better that laying on the beach once a month!