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Can’t Lose Weight on Atkins?

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Why Do So Many Low-Carb Representatives

Tend To Be On The ‘Heavier Side’?

This question was posted on Jimmy Moore’s blog. Jimmy Moore spent decades eating himself up to 410 pounds. He drank 16 cans of coke and ate boxes of Little Debbie Snack cakes each day before someone gave him a copy of Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution.

After losing 180 pounds following a low carb diet, Jimmy started blogging about the low carb lifestyle. He records a podcast show twice a week that airs on iTunes featuring interviews with a variety of guests (I was the guest on his show 12/20/10).

Below is my answer to the question, “Why do so many low-carb representatives tend to be on the heavier side?”

Also, you might like to read Sherri’s story.   Sherri was following the low-carb plan for 20 months, yet only lost a few pounds.

Why does one person lose 180 pounds eating low carb

and another person finds it difficult to lose any weight on the same plan?

Low-carb does not define food quality.

Our bodies were created to run efficiently on whole food fuel.
We do well eating quality animal protein, healthy fats (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, seeds, nuts, olives), and carbs – mostly vegetable carbs.

Processing food degrades the quality of food.

These seemingly little things we eat every day slowly add up:

  • artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, do not fool the body
  • bottled salad dressing made from inflammatory oils like canola oil and soybean oil
  • low-carb goodies that contain MSG, trans fats, and artificial ingredients

One can eat low carb junk all day long and stay within a specified goal of carb grams

and totally miss the nutrition boat.



What is low carb junk food?

It is the processed food like Atkins Dark Chocolate Decadence Bars or Strawberry Shakes.



Low carb food is big business.

Stores and internet retailers push thousands of packaged pasta, bars, cookies, crackers, flavored popcorn, buns, bagels, snacks, treats and candies that are created with boat loads of artificial, toxic, inflammatory ingredients. These products have MSG in many hidden forms. They have artificial dye like Red 3 and Blue 1. They have artificial sweeteners like sucralose, and inflammatory oils like canola oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil.

You can’t lose weight and be healthy eating fake sugar, MSG, artificial dye, soy, inflammatory oils and refined grains.

Some people will hang on to weight until they get rid of the processed low carb food and eat whole foods.

The second thing that may be happening is

Eating too little food (REAL food that is!).

I have clients that are skeptical when I tell them they can’t lose weight because they aren’t eating enough.

For some reason they trust me and try to follow my advice, which is simple:

1. Eat three meals a day that each contain PFC (animal protein, healthy fat and vegetables). I recommend eating 1-3 servings of vegetables at every meal.

2. Yes, whole fruit (not fruit juice) is fine to eat in moderation, depending on how your body metabolizes these carbs — but they aren’t the main event.

Skipping meals leads to problems with leptin and glucose.

For many people, skipping animal protein and fat at breakfast can lead to cravings later for “low-carb” cookies, candy, chips etc.

Skipping vegetables, especially dark green leafy, makes your nutrient piggy-bank low while making your acid-load piggy bank high.

That is the third issue:

Acid-alkaline balance

We need a good supply of vegetables and a little fruit to balance out the acidic foods (animal foods). Hard cheese is especially acidic.

What about water?

  • Dehydration contributes to weight gain. Are the low-carb folks drinking half their body weight in ounces of water?
  • Have they quit drinking diet pop and energy drinks?

Food sensitivities?

Even a little bit of wheat in a nice low-carb bread or protein bar can be too much if your are sensitive to gluten.

Many adults are also sensitive to commercial dairy, yet low-carbers love cheese, cream and other commercial dairy products.

Some people will hang on to weight until they get to the bottom of their food sensitivity issues.

We can become sensitive to any food – especially the favorite foods that we eat 7 days a week.

You have been fearfully and wonderfully made and your body’s fuel requirements are unique.

There is not a single diet that is good for everyone. Yet, it is true that everyone benefits from eating whole food, real food. Not food that has been created in a food lab and produced in a factory.

Please read Sherri’s story. The low carb diet didn’t work for Sherri even though she followed the plan for 20 months.

She barely lost 1 pound every 2 months.

See what Sherri discovered was holding her back from permanent weight loss and improved health.

Looking for Real Food?

  1. Grass-fed beef sticks,
  4. Farmer’s Markets and local farmers
  5. The outer perimeter of your grocery store
  6. On-line retailers for canned coconut milk, coconut oil, Mac Nut Oil, nuts/nut flour/nut butters, seeds/seed butter, organic herbs and spices, SweetLeaf Stevia, organic tea,