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Carcinogen Cocamide DEA in Shampoo and Soap

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The Center for Environmental Health reported on progress to get carcinogen Cocamide DEA removed from shampoo, bubble bath and soaps.

“Cocamide DEA comes from coconut oil and is a foaming agent used to make bubbles and also acts as a thickener. But it is also a carcinogen — a cancer-causing chemical.

Caroline Cox, research director at Centers for Environmental Health, said every time you squeeze the shampoo bottle, you’re putting your family at risk.

“At least 1 percent of what’s in your hand is Cocamide DEA, and that’s going in your hair and is absorbed in your skin,” Cox said.

For the last year, the Centers for Environmental Health has been in litigation with manufacturers to get products containing Cocamide DEA off store shelves.”

Cocamide DEA also is known to cause allergic contact dermatitis (when several irritants were evaluated, cocamide DEA showed the highest irritation grade).

Read labels, avoid toxic chemicals! Choose safe brands or make your own personal care products.

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