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Bonny’s Story—Off Anti-Depressants After 20+ Years

Last year at this time I was introduced to Erin’s healthy eating program, Achieving Wellness & Weight Loss.  It was my desire at that time to begin a new way of eating and to also go off the anti-depressants that I had been taking for 20+ years. 

I had tried going off the medication 3 or 4 times without good results. My doctor was angry with me and concerned and said, “You need them.”

A friend told me about Erin’s program for wellness and weight loss. I said, “I think I know everything there is to lose weight, I just need to do it.”

I prayed and thought about it and felt that in order to get off antidepressants I needed to at least listen.

I attended Erin’s class with my friend, Barbara. I knew it was my time to get healthy. I began to implement a real food eating plan and also scheduled regular acupuncture sessions.

I will say in the beginning of Erin’s eating program, it was pretty difficult to stay on track; however, I began to feel better in a short amount of time.

It was amazing how much better my body felt when I was able to remove the sugar and artificial ingredients.

I also began reading the book Erin suggested,

“The Mood Cure” which was quite an eye opener for me.

I’m so happy and so proud to say that I’ve been off the anti-depressants for one year now and I lost 15 pounds!

My eating is at about 80% but I wake up  and try to do a little better each day.  I enjoy eating protein, vegetables, and plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil, butter, extra virgin olive oil and cod liver oil.




I’m grateful for this program that really showed me the possibilities in eating good, clean food. Thank you so much, Erin, for your program and all you do for others to educate and show us there is the option to better living.

Blessings, Bonny




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