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30 Pounds Overweight. Anxiety, Panic Disorder (drug side effect) to Total Health – Eduard deWilde

Here is my interview with Eduard de Wilde.
Biohacker, Coach and Health Inspirator from De Berg, Utrecht Province, Netherlands.

Listen to this interview to learn how Eduard lost 33 pounds and reclaimed his health after suffering from severe, debilitating consequences of taking just three doses of a certain prescribed medication. 

His battle spurred him on to achieve optimal health and peak performance and now he is educating and teaching others about biohacking health.

The Reclaim Diet book

What if it’s not your fault?

Hidden behind fad diets, food manipulated for profit, and false nutrition advice is the truth about why you continually struggle with weight loss, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and rapidly declining health.

“I started to see the weight melt off. I noticed that the pain and fatigue improved as I stayed on the eating plan. My face looked like it had, years before all the trouble began! No more puffy, red face and I lost a total of 26 pounds, and aches and pains are gone!” — Melissa Filippi

Author Erin Chamerlik, MS, is a nutritionist, educator and coach who has been helping people reclaim their health for the last two decades.

In The Reclaim Diet, Chamerlik uncovers prevalent misinformation about our modern-day food supply.

  • Have you tried every diet on the planet (even the healthy ones), but you still struggle to achieve your goal weight and stay there?
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  • Do you have a sluggish metabolism? Feeling tired, wired, moody, and agitated?
  • Do you struggle with sugar cravings that won’t quit?
  • Have you eaten “healthy” for years but you’re still not satisfied with the results?
  • Are you frustrated that doctors are not looking for root causes, but only offering more pills and prescriptions?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or if you simply want to take back control of your health and your life, the information in this book will be life-changing.

You will also learn that it’s never too late!

You can reclaim your health regardless of your age or current health state. The Reclaim Diet leads you on an exciting journey of truth and discovery to help you take control of your health and quickly get results.

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