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Essential Oils

Essential Oil – Top 10 List of Oils


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Here is the Top 10 list of useful Essential Oils to have on hand!

  1. R.C. – Respiratory Support
  2. Copaiba –¬†Supports muscular and skeletal system as well as skin and nervous system
  3. DiGize – Digestive support
  4. Lemon – Supports lymphatic system, skin, nervous system
  5. Frankincense – Uplifting, supports the skin and endocrine system
  6. PanAway – Use wherever it hurts
  7. Peppermint – Freshen breath, supports respiratory system and digestive system
  8. Thieves – Fantastic immune support and cardiovascular support
  9. Purification – Stop odors, stop annoying bugs, support skin health
  10. Lavender – Restful sleep, supports healthy skin, benefits endocrine system

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