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Fix Breakfast

Fix Breakfast

Breakfast is broken.

If you read my piece, Killer Cheerios, then it won’t be a surprise that I haven’t changed my mind about breakfast cereal. I’m just back to give you some visual options. I have been busy snapping pictures of what I have eaten for breakfast recently. I know you all have been asking, “What does the Real Food Revivalist really eat for breakfast?”

When we sit down to a breakfast, we shouldn’t have to worry that the stuff floating in the bowl of milk being carcinogenic and having neurological and reproductive effects.  The government has known about this teensy problem with cereal (and potato chips, French fries, crackers, bagels, cookies and pretzels) for 10 years.  Swedish government scientists discovered this problem and it has been verified by many other studies and scientists. Yet, our government has done nothing for 10 years to bring this to light.

The problem, acrylamides. 

The US government’s National Cancer Institute knows that French fries, cereal and potato chips contain these acrylamide carcinogens,

“Potato chips and French fries were found to contain higher levels of acrylamide compared with other foods. The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations stated that the levels of acrylamide in foods pose a “major concern

(They’ve known about a major health concern for 10 years and forgot to tell you).

Should you change your diet?

Oh, heavens no (says Gov): “The best advice at this time is to follow established dietary guidelines and eat a healthy, balanced diet that is low in fat and rich in high-fiber grains, fruits, and vegetables.” 

They are telling us to follow “dietary guidelines” – you know, the USDA guidelines called the Food Pyramid and My Plate.


Lovely. This is supposed to make your mouth water for a My Plate meal, ala the Agriculture Department in Washington, DC. (Could ya’ll just try to hire somebody in marketing?)

They are telling us to keep eating the very foods that they know are carcinogenic, neurotoxic and causing reproductive problems – potatoes and grain foods, preferable 6-11 servings of bread, crackers and cereals.

Women eating the highest amount of acrylamides in their food were shown to be 31% more likely to develop breast cancer and were more likely to have oxidized LDL cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease.


Which cereal is among the worst in terms of high levels of acrylamides? 

These two bad boys:


Wheatena and Cheerios!

 Cheerio Killers, again! Yet, I know people with high cholesterol are eating bowls of Cheerios because they were told by their doctors (and the box) that it will lower their cholesterol.

au contraire, mon ami!

Cheerios and a high carb diet full of bread, crackers, cereal, chips, pasta and sugar will lead to cholesterol problems, inflammation in the arteries, weight gain, and blood sugar problems.

Cheerios will not fix anything.

Acrylamides are most likely to form when potatoes and starchy carbs are heated above 248 F.  Cereal, chips and French fries!   Even eating 1 ounce of chips per day exceeds safety levels.

It doesn’t matter if the food is organic or not, gluten-free or standard American factory fare. The problem is with preparation methods where temperatures exceed 248 F.

The worst foods containing the highest amounts of acrylamides:

  • French fries (restaurant and home baked fries like Ore Ida)
  • Potato Chips (Pringles are the worst, but they are all bad including Baked Lays)
  • Breakfast Cereal (The worst cereals tested were Cheerios, Shredded Wheat and Rice Krispies)
  • Cookies (Graham Crackers and Keebler Animal Crackers scored very high in acrylamides)
  • Crackers (even the beloved Rye Krisp or Wasa Crispbread is not safe)
  • Toast (don’t burn your toast, keep it on the undertoasted side)
  • Pies, Cakes
  • Bread
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Pizza
  • Bagels
  • Corn and tortilla chips

What can we do to avoid acrylamides?

Stop eating processed food.

In previous newsletters I have written extensively about the harmful effects of processed food packed with dyes, preservatives, chemicals, MSG, antifreeze (propylene glycol), car wax (carnauba wax), and genetically modified ingredients (not labeled, so you don’t know you are eating them).


Beware of shiny food!

Not only are the added chemicals harming us, killing brain cells and doing untold cellular damage, these high carb foods are leading us by hand into the worst obesity and diabetes epidemic we have ever seen in human history.

Kids today are being fed these cereals, crackers, fries and chips delivered in colorful packages with all kinds of false and misleading “health” messages on the front of the package.


Honey Maid Graham Crackers

They say, “5g whole grain, Low Saturated Fat, No Cholesterol.

This cracker contain acrylamides

Ingredients: soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey, trans fats, artificial flavor

2 full crackers = 6 tsp sugar

Eat real food that comes out of the ground or had a mother, not products produced in factories and food labs. Vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, wild caught fish, pasture-raised chickens, eggs, and animal foods.

Get back in the kitchen and learn how to feed yourself and your family. Eat foods that nourish and build the body.

Instead of boxed cereal, bagels, processed food bars and donuts for breakfast, take a few extra minutes to prepare a real food breakfast.

 Here are some ideas for you.

Want to see more Real Food Breakfast Pictures?

Click here for my post, What I Ate For Breakfast

Take back control of your health!

We have given control of our food supply to people who do not care about health as much as profits and shelf life.

Take the first step tomorrow morning! Get up 10 minutes earlier and make yourself a lovely breakfast with eggs, meat and veggies. Be sure to use a good fat like butter or coconut oil! You will be amazed that you will not even think about food until lunch. Why? Because this is a meal that balances the blood sugar, feeds your cells, nourishes your body and leaves you feeling satisfied!

The Real Food Revivalist!




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