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Success Stories

Natural help for Menopause, Inflammation, Pain, Hormone Imbalance. Lost 35 Pounds.

Melissa Foster’s story is a powerful reminder that many chronic health conditions have inflammation as an underlying cause. Ditching inflammatory foods was life-changing for Melissa and her family.

The Fosters saw their health slipping away and their medications mounting.

Melissa, age 52, was going through menopause and experiencing tremendous hot flashes. She had several health concerns including hypothyroidism, extra weight, vertigo and pain. Her energy was low and she dealt with plantar fasciitis and brain fog. Vertigo led to panic issues. Melissa had a lot of pain due to osteoarthritis. Her knee pain was severe and she needed to use a cane to assist walking.

Doctors prescribed synthetic hormones for her sluggish thyroid and hot flashes, but these did not work well for her. She was also given prescription medications for Dysautonomia (a Central Nervous System issue) and Ménière’s disease, but she continued to feel worse and worse.

While researching anti-inflammatory diets, Melissa stumbled upon my website,, and joined our Facebook group, Whole Healthy Journey. She followed my recommended eating plan and began to have positive results fairly quickly.

“Within 10 days, I realized my knee wasn’t hurting.” Knowing the level of pain she was experiencing, Melissa said she wouldn’t have believed that changing her diet would give her these dramatic improvements in such a short time. “I could see the swelling had reduced in the knee.”

Once Melissa felt her pain and inflammation reducing she began to see that her clothes were fitting better. She went on to lose 37 pounds.

Melissa found better support for her thyroid using desiccated thyroid medication instead of the synthetic Synthroid initially prescribed for her. For menopause symptoms, Melissa started using essential oils after watching my YouTube class about Happy Hormones. She got off the synthetic hormones and found that bioidentical progesterone, in an essential oil serum, was what her body needed.
Melissa continues to make beneficial lifestyle choices for her own health and that of her family. She feels empowered to use real food, supplements and essential oils to bring her body to its optimum level.

“I still have to work at eating clean but it has gotten easier and it helps that my husband and adult children still at home are onboard also. I can now wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years. My husband, a type 2 diabetic, lost 20 pounds and dropped his Hemoglobin A1C from nine to six in about three months! Thanks again for all you do for those looking to live healthier. It was really a blessing to find you!” — Melissa Foster