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Gained 70 pounds – Real Food to the Rescue

Renee’s Story

I grew up on a home where “real” food was the only thing I knew. I am thankful
for that foundation. My mom grew up in the South of France. She was wise
beyond her years as she always prepared our meals, had a garden and never let
anything “fake” into our house. She canned, she cooked, made her own broth
and she made the best “whatever we have left” stew.

I wish I would have taken advantage of those growing up years and learned from
her. She had the knowledge of health and I never even knew it. No wonder I got
an award from the school district for not missing a single day of elementary
school (grades K-8) when I was in the 8th grade!

When I got married and had children unfortunately, the lack of spending time
learning from my mom caught up with me. In trying to juggle a busy schedule of
a home business and young children, I felt “lost” in the kitchen. It became a race
just to get the basics done every day and in so doing meals became low on the
priority list. It was so much easier to just go with the American “diet” of frozen
foods or boxed foods and a few carrots or apples for good measure.

After some time, this practice caught up with our family…and caught up with

After gaining 70 lbs with my third child I found myself unable to get the weight off.

People advised me to try Weight Watchers so I began my journey of high carb,
low protein eating. Making sure to “save” my points for a treat! I really didn’t eat
much “real food” and interestingly it did work, I lost 65 lbs and was back to my
“normal” self. Unfortunately, I went back to eating the way that I had before I
gained the weight (after all, I never had a problem before) and thus the American
diet lifestyle was once again my “go to” for our busy lives.

Two years later, I found something happened. I had gained 20 pounds over the
course of the two years and decided I was ready to get back onto Weight
Watchers and get rid of it. I even went back into a exercise routine that was long

Strangely, the more I exercised and the less I ate the more weight I gained!
I put on 20 MORE pounds
within 2 months of starting my new “diet”.

I remember thinking that something just “turned off” in my body. It happened so
rapidly. Should I go to the doctor? How to you tell him that you “don’t know why
you gained all this weight”…I thought I’d get laughed at…everyone knows that
weight gain is from eating too many calories right?

As my weight continued to climb, my fatigue became dramatic.

I felt like I had no motivation for the simplest of things. I had foggy brain and it
was all I could do just to get through the day.

After much prayer, I found a detox program that helped people lose excess weight
and “turn on” the glands in my brain to start working again. It involved eating
“real food”, no sugar, no starches (except from vegetables) and drinking only
water. I was intrigued.

Then, I ran into a friend of mine who lost some weight and she shared with me
that she was going through Erin Chamerlik’s “Get Better Wellness” classes. I
decided to check them out and it was indeed an answer to prayer. I got in touch
with Erin, jumped feet first into her “real food” program and brought along my
daughter who was struggling with her health. Erin taught us the importance of
eating food that “grows in the ground and has a mother”. Funny thing is…we
started cooking and making food that I ate while growing up! It all comes back
around doesn’t it? Both my daughter and I found healing. My daughter’s health
issues cleared up and I lost the weight I had struggled to lose for years and was
feeling energetic and back to my “young” self again!!

I am amazed at how eating the food God intended can be so healing for not only
me but so many people that have suffered with sickness, weight loss or even just
not feeling themselves. Our health cannot be achieved with the Standard
American diet or even the latest diet craze. The only way to achieve our fullest
health potential which includes our weight, our mental health and our physical
health is by real food. I am thankful for Erin and Get Better Wellness in helping
so many people like me find answers. Eating is fun again, and I LOVE enjoying
the food that God created. My body is back to getting the nutrients it was craving
and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you so much for bringing us the
message of REAL food and how good it is!


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