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GMO Sugar Consumption is Widespread

Last month my husband and I hung a hummingbird feeder out in the yard.

We bought a bottle of hummingbird “sucrose” without dye and filled the feeder.

For three weeks the feeder was rejected.

Then I refilled the feeder with sugar water that I prepared at home with organic sugar and filtered water.

Immediately hummingbirds visited the feeder multiple times a day.

Erin Chamerlik

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Erin Chamerlik

What’s the difference?

Hummingbirds are smart.

They rejected the store bought sugar water for two reasons, I believe.

It has preservatives and genetically modified (GMO) sugar.

Are you consuming GMO sugar?

Half the sugar sold in the U.S. is from sugar beets.

Nearly 100% of sugar from sugar beets is Genetically Modified.

How to know if you are eating GMO sugar.

“Sugar” on an ingredient label is considered to be GMO unless it is specifically labeled as 100% cane sugar or Certified Organic Sugar.

Grab any package of food in your pantry and check for added sugar. Is it cane sugar or is it GMO sugar?

Kellogg’s and all cereal manufacturers are not to be trusted.

Cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s is losing market share even though they spend a billion a year on advertising trying to sell you JUNK!

Marketing Spin!

“Today our cereals still begin with the wholesome simplicity of wheat, corn, oats or rice. Next we add quality ingredients to boost the flavor and potential of our grains. Then we share it all with you — in the Kellogg’s cereals that you know, trust and love.”

Screenshot 2015-07-18 21.22.55

This breakfast turns into 31 teaspoons of sugar once consumed! Click to read my post.

American’s are beginning to shift away from boxed breakfast cereal and either eating quick foods like yogurt and fruit or they are making a more labor intensive, protein rich, low-carb breakfast at home.

Boxed cereal is being exposed and people are beginning to understand that cereal is not a nourishing food, not matter how many billions of dollars are spent to convince your otherwise.

Extruded grains.

I reject all boxed cereal. No matter what the label says, “whole grains” in a box of cereal are not healthy. These grains are treated with high heat and pressure, destroying most of the nutrients and damaging the fats. The extrusion process creates something very toxic, as shown in animal studies.

Cereal has genetically modified ingredients.


Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal tested positive for GMOs and weed killer.

Interesting to note that Kellogg’s ships products to Europe with plant-based flavorings and colors along with GMO-free sugar, but in the US the products contain GMO sugar, dye and unidentified flavors. We don’t need a healthier version of Froot Loops, but when comparing ingredients on what Kellogg’s ships to Europe vs what is being sold in America it is shameful.

UK Froot Loops get their color and flavor from plants. “Plant Extracts (Nettle, Spinach), Fruit and Vegetable Extracts (Carrot, Blackcurrant), Colour (Paprika Extract).”

US Froot Loops ingredients are vastly different when it comes to color and flavors: “Red 40, Natural Flavor (MSG?), Blue 2, Turmeric Color, Yellow 6, Annatto Color, Blue 1.” Read my posts on health problems associated with food dye and flavors.

This cereal, and many packaged cold cereals, will give you a triple dose of genetically modified ingredients from sugar, corn and GMO soybean oil. Other toxic ingredients in cereal include trans fats, MSG, dye, preservatives and junk vitamins.

GMO ingredients (sugar, corn, soy, canola) are commonly found in all types of processed foods.

Read labels and see for yourself:

  • Kraft Salad Dressing,
  • Campbells Soup,
  • Kashi Granola Bars,
  • Healthy Choice Meals, and sadly
  • Commercial infant formula.

Data sources from USDA, CDC, NKUDIC, NCI-SEER, USDE report that most GMOs are saturated with toxic weed killers linked to cancer, birth defects, endocrine disruption, digestive disorders, liver and kidney damage, pre-mature death, nutritional deficiencies, and immune problems (via gut bacterial disruption). –

The health risks associated with GMO foods are many.

“An in-vitro study found that the insecticides in this corn may be
toxic to human cells (1).
Feeding studies conducted on mammals found adverse effects, including

  • immune system disturbances (2),
  • blood biochemistry disturbances (3),
  • male reproductive organ damage (4),
  • disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system (4) and
  • signs of organ toxicity (4)(5)(6).
  • Industry claims that these insecticidal proteins are broken down in the digestive tract, yet a study found the proteins circulating in the blood of pregnant and non-pregnant women and the blood supply to fetuses (7).” Source

The biotech industry works hard to discredit any science demonstrating the health and environmental safety risks associated with the widespread adoption of genetically engineered crops and foods. However, a growing body of published scientific research shows clear and present risks to humans, animals and the environment as a result of GMOs and the pesticides used in GMO agriculture that are now pervasive in our ecosystem, diet and food production system. –


What you need to know

There are eight GM food crops. The five major varieties—soy, corn, canola, cotton, and sugar beets—have bacterial genes inserted, which allow the plants to survive an otherwise deadly dose of weed killer. Read my post on GMO.

Simply put:

Avoid genetically modified ingredients at all cost and do not feed GMO foods to your children.

Take Back Your Kitchen and Your Health

Now is the time to take back your kitchen and prepare food at home from real ingredients. It is easy to avoid GMO ingredients, preservatives, dye, trans fats and chemicals when eating a nutrient-dense, real food diet.

The long-term effects of GMO foods have never been studied and never proven to be safe for humans. Take a cue from the hummingbird. Avoid GMO foods and preservatives.


We need real nutrients for health.

Real fat, like organic butter, eggs from pasture-raised chickens, protein from wild caught fish and organically raised, grass-fed/finished animals, vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts.


You can’t eat out of boxes, cans, packages and drive up windows and hope for health and weight loss.

Make a move to change, and eat real food, drink pure water and move your body.