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How to Freeze Coconut Milk

Freezing canned coconut milk is easy.

Sometimes, after the can is opened we are unable to consume all of the coconut milk within a few days, and end up discarding the can.

Sometimes we want to make healthy, dairy-free ice cream RIGHT NOW!

Here is a simple way to be frugal and prepared.

GBW Frozen Coconut Milk1


I recommend using canned coconut milk and NOT coconut drink in cartons.

Native Forest and

Natural Value are BPA free!


Purchase silicone candy molds or use small plastic containers.






Silicone Candy Molds and Cupcake Cups work well!



I chose to freeze the canned coconut milk in 1/4 cup portions, for easy use in recipes.

GBW Frozen Coconut Milk2




Freeze the cups until hard.GBW Frozen Coconut Milk3




Pop the frozen coconut milk out of the mold or container.



Frozen blocks of coconut milk can be stored in

Use the frozen coconut milk to make healthy ice cream!

GBW Freezing Coconut Milk4