Eat well. Be well.

Success Stories

“I feel a freedom from sugar that I haven’t felt before.”

Elizabeth’s Story

Before taking the class I would make anything that was quick and easy. Boxed cereal, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, Mac and Cheese and PB&J were my “go to” meals for the kids and for me. If I threw a few baby carrots on the plate I felt pretty good about myself!

I decided to quit diet soda cold turkey, because I found that “cutting back” just didn’t work for me. I was absolutely flabbergasted that in the following two weeks I lost 7 pounds! From quitting DIET soda! My chief health complaint: I was so TIRED all the time. I felt like I had no energy, and even though I was working out a lot, I had plateaued in my weight loss. I also began to suspect that one of my kids had a food allergy. She didn’t sleep well and had a stomach ache almost every day.

Taking the class completely changed the way I thought about food. The class helped me weed through all the confusing information out there and gave me a clear plan to follow. I had tried so many “diets” before and couldn’t really stick to any of them because they were all too hard or complicated. The information Erin gave me made sense and was simple to understand and follow. In the first year I lost 40 lbs., and I’ve now lost about 50 pounds over a period of two years. I just want to eat keep eating whole food and I will see where my body settles.

I’ve found that all I have to do is plan ahead. If I think ahead and shop with my weekly meals in mind, I’m fine. I don’t need the “convenience” food anymore. I basically “shop the outsides” of the store and don’t eat anything out of a box anymore. We discovered that a few of us have food sensitivities to gluten. My sonhad a chronic rash for about 4 years. I thought he just had sensitive skin. During the three week elimination of gluten the rash completely went away. Since changing the way I eat I have more energy, I’m more in control of my eating and I’m able to make better choices. I think the biggest change is that my hunger is more stable. Instead of spiking and crashing my blood sugar all day long and consequently feeling like I’m starving throughout the day, now I feel pleasantly full and then slowly become aware of my hunger. I can make great eating choices because I’m thinking ahead and I’m not grabbing convenience food all day long.

Honestly, the sugar cravings were pretty much gone after the first week. The first 3 days of the elimination diet were really rough but all the sudden I realized that I felt good and wasn’t really craving sugar any more. I feel a freedom from sugar that I haven’t felt before. Things that didn’t used to seem sweet to me (like a grapefruit or a sweet potato) seem plenty sweet enough now… and I have a serious sweet tooth. It’s weird 🙂

I continued to exercise as I always have, Jazzercise 4 times a week and running once or twice a week. I’ve noticed that running gets easier and easier as I lose more weight. If you are hesitant to give this a try, it’s a few weeks out of your life. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the way you’ve been doing it. But what if it works? What if it’s great?! What if it changes your life for the better? A year from now, you’ll wish you would have started today.