Eat well. Be well.

Success Stories

“I had made food my idol”

Kerry B.’s Story

Kerry had tried different diets in the past but found that he could not stay on them for long because he was always hungry. He was concerned about his health, having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 12 years ago but his efforts were half-hearted despite encouragement from his family. Food was a delicious part of his life and as a pastor of a growing church, many activities revolved around food.

His diabetes had progressed to the point that Kerry needed two medications but his blood sugar levels were still running very high, around 260 mg/dl (the ideal range is 60 – 85 mg/dl). Another test used by his doctor to track his blood sugar was the Hemoglobin A1C (also called glycosylated hemoglobin). This test typically show s how the person’s blood sugar has been running as an average over 3 months time. Two years ago Kerry’s A1C was 10.4 – sky high. Ideally, this number should be below 6%. Dr. Joseph Mercola has written, “When A1C levels are elevated about 6.5, for every 1% reduction in A1C l evels there is a 14 – 40% decrease in diabetes-related complications!”*

Kerry was invited by a friend to attend the Get Better Wellness class, Achieving Wellness & Weight Loss, in April, 2011. About the same time he had a growing internal conviction regarding his poor eating habits and his eyes were opened to the reality of the place and power that food held in his life. Kerry said, “I had made food my idol.”

Kerry and his wife eagerly attended the four sessions of the class and learned that eating real food was the key to restoring health to the body and optimizing weight. They learned how to shop for and prepare whole foods and stopped eating refined and processed foods. Kerry follows an eating plan that is carbohydrate-restricted, moderate protein and includes plenty of healthy fat.

Instead of running out the door on a quickie carb breakfast of grain foods, Kerry now enjoys eating 3 eggs, vegetables and sausage in the morning. He has learned how to eat to balance his blood sugar and quickly saw amazing results:

  • Lost 24 pounds
  • Reduced his blood sugar levels 120 – 180 points from 260 mg/dl to readings as low as 70 mg/dl during the day.
  • Reduced his A1C from a high of 10.4 two years ago to a reading of 6.7 currently
  • His cholesterol is below 200 mg/dl

To see such drastic results in a matter of months astounded his doctor who asked, “What are you doing?!” Kerry explained that he had changed to eating a healthy whole food diet. The doctor was very excited, “That’s it! If this progress continues, we’ll be able to wean you off your medication.”

As an unexpected fringe benefit, Kerry found that he no longer experiences mood swings as his blood sugar stayed balanced. Before, he used to think that this was his battle in life, to struggle with mood issues. They are a thing of the past. Is there a downside? Kerry laughs and says, “I had to buy new slacks and get my suits tailored!” I think those are problems that he is happy to have.

* Mercola, J. (2003).