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Mike dropped 40 lb, lowered blood sugar 100 points

Mikes’ Story

Are you overweight?

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What Can REAL Food Do For You?

Mike’s Story


Growing up Mike’s family had a limited income so his parents didn’t keep soft drinks and snacks in the house. When he got married and “junk” foods were brought into the house he started eating snacks and sodas. Unhappy with his weight Mike joined a health club, worked out constantly and went on a diet. The weight fell off but following a series of back and knee surgeries the pounds slowly came back.

Mike and his wife came to the Get Better Wellness class in the fall of 2010. He had been diagnosed 10 months earlier with type II diabetes and his blood glucose levels were running around 250 mg/dl (an optimal glucose level is around 70 – 85 mg/dl). His doctor had prescribed Lisinopril for high blood pressure

Earlier in school, working on a nursing degree Mike allowed some bad habits to creep in. He had been eating fast food often, sometimes visiting McDonald’s a few times a week. On other days he wouldn’t eat all day but return home in the evenings starving and would overeat. Dinners at home were the standard American fare, meat and potatoes, pasta, and pizza.

Although Mike and his wife were starting to implement healthier eating habits after taking my class he still had some persistent problems. Mike craved and binged on chocolate and candy. He suffered from chronic nasal and sinus congestion. The weight was slow to come off, and he was finding that he was having difficulty with comprehension as he worked on his nursing studies.

He felt like his head was “cloudy” and he lacked the ability to focus or retain the readings that were assigned. His nursing teacher expressed concern with his ability to make it through the nursing program.

I had Mike fill out the Candida Questionnaire and the results were clear, he was dealing with a fungal problem and it appeared that this was the root cause of his stubborn weight issues, brain fog and sinus congestion. We fine-tuned Mike’s diet to fight the candida yeast and he started taking a few natural supplements to help. At first he was waking up with headaches and experienced skin rashes. I encouraged him to push through and continue on the plan.

The changes that Mike has seen in the last five months have been remarkable:

  • He is off all medication
  • His blood glucose levels have dropped 100 points from 250mg/dl to an average of 130 – 150mg/dl
  • His blood pressure has normalized
  • He has dropped 40 pounds
  • The brain fog and inability to focus has completely lifted

The meals that he eats have changed.

Fast food, bread and junk carbs have been replaced. Breakfast, lunch and dinner always include a quality animal protein and vegetables. Mike and his wife have been finding sources for grass-fed meat, pasture-raised chickens and eggs and eat organic when possible. Daily they use organic butter, raw unrefined coconut oil and olive oil in their cooking.

One unexpected benefit Mike experienced from changing his diet was the great improvement in his ability to concentrate. His instructor in nursing school took notice of the remarkable improvement in grades and comprehension and he was rewarded for being “most improved” this past semester.

This is a journey and Mike will continue to work on achieving his health goals.

This is the power of REAL food.

Eating whole foods and skipping processed food that come in boxes, cans and packages allows people like Mike to take back their health and to reverse chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

What can REAL food do for you?

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