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Supporting Nrf2 with Nutrients and Real Food

We know that inflammation is bad for our bodies and really bad for our brain.

Vegetables and fruits are anti-inflammatory and have antioxidants that help the body in many ways.

There’s a buzz about Nrf2 pathway and a lot of buzz about taking the Nrf2 activation supplement. 

Does the body need an herbal “stimulant” to kick Nrf2 in the butt? 

Actually, our body knows how to work! 

The cell senses when there is damage/toxins and it generates what it needs for self-repair.

Our job is to give it nutrients to build a good foundation. 

Dr. Terry Wahls, MD said, “it appears to be a whole lot better if you do it through foods.” The “it” she is referring to is supporting the Nrf2 genetic pathway that turns on 200+ genes – many related to detoxification and helping fight inflammation. 
NingXia Red is one of those foods that does “it” really well. 

Nrf2 – lives in the liquid part of your cells. 
Toxins and oxidative stress can trigger Nrf2 to wake up. 
Nrf2 goes to the cell’s nucleus and says, “Take action! Antioxidants are needed.” 

There are many foods that we can consume that support this process and Nrf2 activation 
like broccoli sprouts (with sulforaphane), turmeric, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, pomegranate, blueberries, the wolfberry.

The good Nrf2 food list goes on and on:

Broccoli Seed, onion, apple, tomato, turmeric, garlic, spinach, collards, blackberry, bilberry, mangosteen black currant, cinnamon, cherry, elderberry …..OMGee !! all these foods are in Master Formula.

God gave us amazing plants like the wolfberry, pomegranates, blueberries, plum, and aronia cherry which are high in antioxidants and 
we can get the benefits everyday by consuming NingXia Red – half the bottle is a puree of the wolfberry, so we get the protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber. 

Along with the powerful essential oils – the NingXia Red ingredient list is a “who’s who” for Nrf2 happiness. 

What other nutrients does the body like to have on board for this Nrf2 happiness? 

Sulfur, DHA, Magnesium B Vitamins, minerals.

MSM (sulfur) is able to boost the body’s natural anti-oxidant pathways and MSM impacts Nrf2 activity positively. 
We can take Sulfurzyme to support this.

Omega 3’s, like DHA, calm oxidative stress that damages the cell’s DNA (it does this by working on NRF2 antioxidant response). 
We can take OmegaGize

Magnesium, other minerals and B Vitamins are what the body needs to work with stress reduction and promoting healthy function. We can take MegaCal, Super B and Mineral Essenceh

Slique Tea is amazing for many things but how about Nrf2 stuff?

This tea is rich in flavonoids, and polyphenols, Frankincense powder and cacao powder. I’m pretty sure if you google Nrf2 and any of those things you’ll see connections found in science. 

Don’t you love how our Creator designed our Nrf2 system to function so beautifully with real food ingredients. 

And don’t you love how Young Living gives us dozens and dozens of awesome ingredients that support health and help the body have the foundational nutrients that it needs to do what it knows how to do. 

We are more challenged today with stress and toxins and lower quality food – so be sure to cover your Nrf2 bases!

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