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The 30-Day Challenge

Who is joining us for the May 2023 Ningxia Challenge?! Invite your friends!

Read the testimonies below from people sharing how just drinking NingXia Red consistently for at least one month led to many health benefits. Do the challenge with us or on your own. Just grab NingXia Red here, enough to drink 2oz per day for 30 days!

Do you want:

Better sleep?

• Less stress?

• Increased energy?

• Improved productivity?

• Better immune & respiratory function?

Join us for a 30-day Ningxia Red Challenge! We will dive into the benefits of Ningxia, the science behind it, and feel great in 30 days!

Ningxia Red is a whole-body juice supplement infused with essential oils. It’s a super yummy, sweet, and tangy drink featuring the Ningxia Wolfberry, an amazing fruit that we will be learning lots about in this class. We use a purée of the fruit including leaf, stem, peel and fruit to maximize the nutrient benefits. It contains orange, tangerine, lemon, and yuzu essential oils. Also featuring plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts, Ningxia Red is packed with superfoods to support overall wellness.

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Brain support!
Testimony from Darlene Pettit:
“My Husband and I started drinking Ningxia Red in 2014. He will not go a day without it. My Husband says it does something to his brain but he can’t figure it out. I love my Ningxia Red with a Nitro and a Zyng. My body can tell if I miss my Ningxia for more than 3 days. It has supported me through my seasons and my surgery. We make sure to travel with it.”

Testimony: I was a Sonic Dr Pepper junkie. When I started drinking 4 oz of NingXia Red a day in 2015, I had a 25 pound weight loss, found increased stamina, & stopped drinking soda-effortlessly!
Back then my philosophy was that “life isn’t worth living without one Sonic Dr Pepper a day”. One day it just didn’t taste good any more. Four years later, it still doesn’t.~ Kristi Dobrovolny

NingXia Red was a big game changer for Dawn Michelle. Here is her story: “Been drinking 4-6 ounces per day for 6 years! It’s a
first drink of every day.
Gets through to my nursing babies too! In 6 years I’ve never had a nursing baby get even as much as a runny nose. E.V.E.R.

Testimony from Amy Austin:
“I know that NR is great for vision but was only thinking about it in terms of actual eye sight, not overall eye health.
Until last week a team member was telling me that she had not ordered NR in over a month because she was trying to save money (she now agrees that was a terrible idea lol) and noticed that she was having problems with dry and itchy eyes and she wasn’t having the problem while she was drinking NR.
And then a lightbulb went off in my head...I wear contacts, have worn them for almost 30 years..and ever since college have always has problems with my eyes getting red.
Was told I just have dry eyes and that as long as I wear contacts I will have that problem.
I always had multiple bottles of eye drops on hand…was always trying different brands out to see which was the best one…if we were out somewhat late I had to use the eyedrops every hour or my eyes would get soooo red…anyhoo…
I realized I haven’t had to use ANY eye drops in the past 2 years since I started drinking NR and my eyes don’t get red anymore!! And I still wear my contacts every day.”

Testimony from Sarah Van Kleeck: 
“Our group did a Ningxia Challenge. I was drinking three ounces a day for a month and noticed my eye sight got better and my glasses were too strong and giving me a headache!!!”

Here’s Tracie Winningham-Wood’s story, “9 years ago, I was suffering from severe chronic fatigue with the lupus diagnosis. Nothing I had tried from the health food store had come close to helping. I bought my kit and about a week or two later bought NingXia Red.
“After only two weeks, I didn’t need to take my two hour daily naps anymore. … Way better quality of life. I literally tell people it should be a law that everyone has to drink NingXia.”

“I was having terrible pains in my hands as well as swelling which had me worried as I am an avid gardener and only in my mid 40s. My cousin recommended Ningixa Red just because she was using it and had heard it has so many benefits!
I bought a bundle, and took 2 ounces consistently until I ran out. Funny thing is I didn’t even notice my pain and swelling had gone away 🤣. About 4 weeks later they came back and then I noticed. LOL. I connected the dots, and have been drinking Ningxia for almost 6 years now.” ~ Cornelia Lonescu

“I had yearly (twice a year) bouts of bronchitis for which I took antibiotics. This was a lot of antibiotics! So naturally my immune system and my gut health were very poor. I’m thrilled to report that since starting Ningxia Red, I have not been sick like that since. My immune system is stronger than ever!” ~Janet Dobrovolny

“I began Ningxia Red last August. At that time I had severe joint pain and was extremely tired. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the early nineties and with polymyalgia rheumatica about 8 years ago.
Everyday I took Tylenol arthritis strength during the day and norco at night to sleep. Also every afternoon between 2 and 3 I would have to lay down and take a nap.
Within 3 weeks of drinking 2 oz of ningxia red 2x per day I was pain free.
I stopped taking Tylenol during the day and I stopped taking norco at night. It is now almost a year later and I have only taken any type of pain medication about 8 times due to surgery or falls or travel and stays in hotels. I am sold on my ningxia red.” ~Sheila Goodson

“We attended a class Debra taught and tasted NingXia Red. It was way out of our budget. Jim drank the single I had when we arrived back home. The next morning he said we were getting that juice. He had just had the best nights sleep he’d had in 5 years.
“We cut off the cable to get NR on monthly order. That was almost 13 years ago. Our lives are forever changed because of the many benefits of NR and Young Living. We start every day with NingXia Red.” ~ Christin Pivero

Here’s a testimony from Sara Stewart: “Ningxia Red has been a MAJOR game changer for recovering after workouts!! I’ve noticed that the extra antioxidants really do so much for my tired muscles. I do ALOT of working out. Many of those workouts include hitting and kicking things, sparring, throwing people around, getting thrown around. By all means, I should be too sore to walk!! BUT I get what my body needs with Ningxia Red, Ningxia infused products!!”

NingXia Red – Game changer for wellness
Testimony from Shari M.
“5 years ago around this time, we were still struggling to keep our immune system above the wellness line. Our daughter was 5 and we couldn’t keep her well. When we added Ningxia to her “daily arsenal”, it was a game changer.
She kicked unwanted invaders to the curb in several days vs weeks and she has stayed way above the wellness line except for maybe 2 times in 5 years!! GAME CHANGER!!
Our whole family never skips our daily 2 ounces.”

Are you ready to have a BOOST in health and energy?
Here’s a testimony from Sara Waldo: 
“I drink NingXia Red everyday! It tastes great, and has boosted my health so much! I can usually tell when I forget, because I feel a bit lethargic.”

Increased energy and better sleep.
Testimony from Sarah Jones:
I started drinking NingXia Red way back in 2011
I was hooked immediately
Nursing a babe with a 2 yr old in tow as we moved across the US and re established life it gave me increased energy, better sleep, my post baby hair went back to my healthy mane instead of ragged and thinning.
We all drink NR daily now as a family of 6.

Here’s a testimony from Erin Adams:

“When my son starts reaching for an inhaler, I realize he’s not drinking his Ningxia daily.
A few days of oils and Ningxia and we are usually breathing easy.”

“I drank it with my third pregnancy, healthiest baby I’ve ever had. My dr didn’t make it for delivery but the physician on call delivered and he said, “You eat a lot of food rich antioxidants because that’s the thickest umbilical cord I’ve ever seen!” ~ Mollie Moses
Bam! Ningxia red for the WIN for a healthy baby 9lb 7oz at 40 weeks.

“What I noticed most when I started drinking NingXia Red everyday was my sugar cravings were GONE.” ~Katie Roberts

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Provide energy support without caffeine* 
Increase physical energy levels significantly while reducing physical limitations* 
Support whole-body health and wellness* 
Improve sleep patterns, increasing time asleep* 
Reduce daily stress significantly to improve mental well-being* 
Helps prevent oxidative stress* 
Provides a nutrient infusion for whole-body support* 
Contains a synergistic blend of Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, and Yuzu premium essential oils* 
Contains powerful ingredients that are involved in many antioxidant processes* 
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