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One Day Cranberry Cleanse

Are you ready for an easy one day cleanse?



This is designed to be a one day cleanse.

You can continue with this cleanse for up to three days.

I recommend detox teas and green drinks for days 2 & 3 (see below).

Cranberry Cleanse general benefits

  • Rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant
  • Helps with production of glutathione, an important antioxidant needed for the detox process in the liver
  • Thins and decongests bile, helps metabolize and breakdown fats
  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Gently cleanse the body from processed food and chemicals


20053Slique Essence – a key ingredient in the one day detox.

Amazing blend of essential oils that are taken internally by adding to a glass of water.

  • Slique Essence is used in making the Cranberry Water Detox Drink – see recipe below.
  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Helps control hunger
  • Enhances the breakdown of fat (lipolysis)
    • A 2005 study published in Neuroscience Letters showed that grapefruit and citrus oils aid lipolysis.
    • A 2016 study published in the journal Food Chemistry showed specifically that it is monoterpenes, like limonene, found in citrus essential oils  that has a positive influence on sugar and fat metabolism, further supporting healthy weight management.


Why do I suggest Organic Unsweetened Cranberry?

Essential micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help:

  • Support urinary tract health and maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Improve iron absorption and help maintain strong healthy teeth and gums
  • Maintain normal blood sugar levels and support the immune system
  • Promote normal cell growth and healthy skin
  • Restore vital body electrolytes and provide healthful nutrients for every stage of life


Step 1 – Make Cranberry Water Detox Drink Cranberry CleanseMakes 7, 10 oz servings. Enough for one person to consume in one day.


  • 8 oz organic unsweetened cranberry, undiluted, full strength, (2.4g carbs per serving)
  • 56 oz purified water
  • 25 drops Slique Essence (Essential oil (EO) blend with Grapefruit EO, Tangerine EO, Spearmint EO, Lemon EO, Ocotea, Stevia)
  • 1/2 t. Cinnamon
  • 1/4 t. Ground ginger
  • 1/4 t. Nutmeg
  • 3/4 cup Freshly squeezed orange juice (2.4g carbs per serving)
  • 1/4 cup Freshly squeezed lemon juice (.6g carbs per serving)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp Liquid Stevia, or to taste, if desired


  1. Bring cranberry  and water to a light boil; reduce the heat to low.
  2. Place cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg into a tea ball; add to the Cranberry Water. For a tangier juice, add the spices directly to the liquid.
  3. Simmer 15 to 20 minutes; cool to room temperature.
  4. Stir in the orange and lemon juices.
  5. Add 25 drops Slique Essence.
  6. Add stevia, if desired.Glass bottles for Cranberry Cleanse
  7. Refrigerate in glass container(s) with tight fitting lid. Mason jars work well or leak-proof  TeiKis Bottles with a stainless steel cap and nylon sleeve.


Step II – The plan for consuming the Cranberry Detox Drink

  1. Alternate drinking 10 oz of filtered water and 1 cup 10 oz of Cranberry Detox Drink during the day.
  2. Drink at least 70 oz of filtered water throughout the day, in addition to 70 oz Cranberry Detox Drink.
  3. Make sure you drink at least a cup of liquid – either the Cranberry Detox Drink or water – every hour.
  4. Begin the protocol when you wake up in the morning. You don’t have to begin at a specific time, but be sure to have all seven glasses of Cranberry Detox Drink in addition to the 70 ounces of water by day’s end.

Step III – Add chia or flax seeds twice a day


Buy whole flax seeds and grind them at home. Store in freezer to preserve the fats.

Upon rising and at the end of the day, take one serving of a colon-caring seed (flax or chia) in your first and last glass of liquid (either water or Cranberry Detox Drink).

Choose either ground flax or chia.

  • Flax – it is best to purchase whole flax seeds and grind them at home to preserve the delicate oils in the seeds. I use a coffee/spice grinder, grind one cup of flax seeds at a time and store in the freezer. Mix 2-3 Tbs in 10 oz of liquid and consume.
  • Chia – mix 1 Tbs chia seeds in 10 oz liquid. Stir frequently for a few minutes before consuming.

Chia Seeds


Suggested Schedule for Day 1 Detox

7 am Water with seeds

8 am  Cranberry Detox Drink

9 am Water

10 am Cranberry Detox Drink

11 am Water

12 pm Cranberry Detox Drink

1 pm Water

2 pm Cranberry Detox Drink

3 pm Water

4 pm Cranberry Detox Drink

5 pm Water

6 pm Cranberry Detox Drink

7 pm Water

8 pm Cranberry Detox Drink with seeds


Days 2 & 3 – Continue if Desired – add tea and a green drink

Everyday Detox Tea for Cranberry DetoxChoose a Detox Tea like Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox.

Optional, add 1 Tbs of coconut oil to your tea (up to 3 Tbs of coconut oil per day),  for energy and metabolism support.







Make a blended green drink for days 2 and 3

Protein Vegetable Blueberry Smoothie

Blended “green” drink with berries, healthy fat, dark green leafy veggies

This recipe will make three 2-cup servings, enough for one day.

Blend and store in glass jars in the refrigerator.

  • 1 1/2 cups frozen berries
  • 2 cups spinach or kale
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 cups purified water (adjust to consistency you like)



A possible schedule for Days 2 and 3

7am Water with seeds

8am Green Drink

9 am Cranberry Detox Drink

10 am Tea

11 am Water

12 pm Green Drink

1 pm Cranberry Detox Drink

2 pm Tea

3 pm Water

4 pm Green Drink

5 pm Cranberry Detox Drink

6 pm Detox Tea

7 pm Water

8 pm Cranberry Detox Drink with seeds


What to eat the day after the detox, and beyond.

Continue after the detox by eating a real food eating plan.

Each of three meals include:

  • 3 – 4 oz clean animal protein (free range chicken/eggs, grass-fed meats, wild caught fish)
  • 1 Tbs added healthy fat (organic butter like Kerrygold, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, Mac Nut Oil)
  • 2-3 cups of vegetables
  • Fruit, seeds and nuts can be added
  • Continue drinking purified water (consume about 3 quarts during the day)
  • Continue drinking a detox tea mid afternoon, if desired

Now, you are on the right track! Continue nourishing your body, treating yourself well and enjoying the health benefits that will come your way!


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