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Pigs Drugged For Profit

Pigs, Cattle and Turkeys Drugged for Profit

I have been visiting my Farmers Market lately for farm fresh eggs. You don’t need to be afraid of salmonella when you purchase right from an organic farmer with pasture-raised chickens. The eggs are delicious and nutritious.I buy from Farmer Nicks LLC at my local farmers market. He also sells meat that I buy.

I have another farmer that comes in town from Iowa once a month, Wallace Farms. My farmer also raises pigs and steer and sells pork, beef, chicken and wild caught fish.

Want to find a farmer raising food the right way? You can find one near you at

Why go to all the trouble of tacking down your own farmer?

Pasture-raised, organic pork tastes good and is better for you than commercially-raised pork.

I’m not a big fan of pork personally, but I like bacon occasionally. We were quite amazed how different pasture-raised bacon tastes and cooks compared to grocery-store bacon.

First, it cooks evenly and doesn’t spatter like regular bacon.

 It has more nutrients in the meat, the fats are higher quality. You can see this in the way the bacon looks – it looks like meat, not like curled up fat.

The pan cleans up with water when the bacon is organic, pasture-raised.

The list of bad chemicals used in grocery store pork is long but here is one little thing I learned this past week from the local farmer.

Commercially raised pigs are given

  • antibiotics
  • lysine to promote fast growth
  • hormones for growth promotion
  • Paylean

$$$ Paylean as the trademarked name suggests, makes the pigs leaner, thus paying the pork producers more. $$$

Paylean is a product of Elanco technology, a company owned by Eli Lilly. It is fed to pigs during their final 45-90 pounds of gain before going to market.

Paylean is a money maker for producers.

The only reason to feed this to pigs is to increase carcass gain. (Paylean is not just for pigs! Paylean is marketed as Optaflexx for finishing beef and Tomax for fattening your Thanksgiving turkey).

This is the equivalent of steroids for body builders, only this chemical makes the pigs agitated, irritable and aggressive. It changes their body composition and messes with their brains too.

This chemical remains in the meat!

20% of Paylean, given to pigs, Optaflexx, given to cattle and Tomax, given to turkeys remains in consumer meat says author and veterinarian Michael W. Fox

We can thank the FDA for approving this drug for animals right before slaughter when it has already been declared “not safe for use in humans.” 

Other countries have banned Paylean in animals including Europe, Taiwan and China.

Chemicals like Paylean and bovine growth hormone are commonplace in the food supply and they are harming people.

The fine print on Paylean (aka ractopamine hydrochloride) is telling:

Paylean Caution:

Ractopamine may increase the number of injured and/or fatigued pigs during marketing.

Not For Human Use


The active ingredient in Paylean, ractopamine hydrochloride, is a beta-adrenergic agonist. 

 Individuals with cardiovascular disease should exercise special caution to avoid exposure. Not for use in humans. Keep out of the reach of children.

You are your own food advocate. The government has strong ties to the food industry and puts corporate profits before your health and food safety. When it comes to animal products like meat, milk, and eggs, buying products directly from an organic producer will help you to eat high quality, safe food from animals that are raised by caring local farmers.


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