Eat well. Be well.

Success Stories

Pregnant mom reverses gestational diabetes while hubby loses 34 lbs.

Kristen’s Story

For eight years of my life, during high school and college, I was anorexic and had to try to like food. When I joined the navy I was not accepted at first because at 5’8” I weighed just 104 pounds. I put on the pounds by eating McDonalds and pizza. I weighed 112 pounds when I got pregnant and gained 100 pounds by the time I had the baby. I lost the extra weight but when I was pregnant with my second child I gained 100 pounds again.

I used to eat out a lot, not fast food but we went to places like Olive Garden or Vegas (local restaurant) for dinner. At home I ate anything that was fast and easy. We ate Hamburger Helper, Spaghetti, tacos and a lot of pasta. The faster and more convenient it was, the better. I felt awful. I was tired all the time and I was always eating every 2 to 3 hours because I was bored or hungry. At night I snacked on chips.

I am pregnant now, expecting my third child any day. I was trying to be healthy this pregnancy and NOT gain 100# like I did with each of my previous two pregnancies. At my 12 week doctor appointment I failed the one hour glucose test and I also failed the 3 hour test that followed. My glucose was in the 200’s.

My doctor wanted to put me on medication for the high blood sugar. About this time I was starting the Weight and Wellness class, June 2010. My friend, Carolyn, had taken the class previously and showed me the eating plan and recipes. My doctor agreed to let me try this eating plan for 4 weeks. If I didn’t improve then my doctor said we were doing it their way, with medication.

My husband encouraged me to follow the eating planby saying, “This is what we’re doing. I’m doingit with you 100%.” I would pack his food to take to the fire station when he was on duty. There was no gray area; if it wasn’t on the list we didn’t eat it. We followed the eating plan 100%.

At first I felt locked in the kitchen preparing food. Cooking was foreign to me. I didn’t know how to cook real food so I followed the recipes from class exactly. It seemed like it took a lot of time to cook realfood, but after week one I could plan more and I had learned how to make meals faster. I would cook food in big batches. I would take a day to prepare food for several days. I would wash vegetables and bag them; I would cook all the meat for the week on that one day including beef, chicken and pork. I cooked 3 meals at a time, every time I cooked. In the beginning I focused on cooking a few basic meals. We ate stir fry a lot at first, but now I am expanding and trying new recipes.

The cravings for sweet foods and bread were not bad after the first day. I had taken a big black garbage bag through my kitchen and emptied out the entire pantry and got rid of everything that wasn’t good for us to eat. It seems overwhelming at first and it seemed like I would never be able to eat anything. But you will learn what tastes good and what your body actually needs. For the first four weeks I recorded everything I ate. It made me accountable for what I was eating. It would help me to think, “Am I really hungry?” I also read a 30-day devotional book at the same time by Sheri Rose Shepherd called, “Fit for my King.” These daily readings helped me focus on the fact that my body is a temple and I need to take care of it.

I returned to my doctor after one week on the eating plan and my blood sugar had dropped. The 3 hour glucose test after 3 weeks showed over 60 point drop from my first test. It has been about 3 months since I changed the way I eat. I now feel a lot better. For being full term with this pregnancy, I feel pretty good! I do not need to take naps anymore. I used to live, breathe and die by naps. I used to nap one hour a day. During this pregnancy I have not gained 100 pounds like I have in the past. I have gained only 8 pounds and the baby is tracking right along, growing at a healthy rate!

My husband has lost 34 pounds on this eating plan and now weighs what he did in high school while playing sports! He used to run 2 miles a day and now runs 5 miles a day. I have found that my moods have improved along with my energy levels.

Now I get to be a mom instead of a cranky, crabby tired person!