Metabolic X, Blood Sugar, 60 Capsules Metabolic Maintenance

We know that maintaining a healthy weight can be a struggle.

These active ingredients are all clinically proven, natural, and stimulant-free.

They are safe and effective additions to your weight-loss program.

Metabolic X is a synergistic combination of minerals and botanicals that support normal glucose metabolism.* Includes Cinnulin and banaba extracts for improved efficacy.

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Support healthy blood sugar levels and benefits for weight management.

Helping regulate blood sugar and limit the fluctuations will reduce food cravings.

Chromium, 250mcg

  • From chromium picolinate
  • It is estimated that 90% of Americans are deficient in Chromium
  • Improves the action of insulin in the body helping insulin to work better
  • Helps normalize blood sugar

Vanadium, 250 mcg

  • From vanadyl sulfate
  • Mimics insulin in the body
  • Helps regulate blood sugar

Gymnema silvestre, 200 mg

  • Standardized to 25% gymnemic acids
  • Slows the transport of glucose from the intestines to the bloodstream
  • Enhances the control of blood sugar and insulin
  • Known as “sugar destroyer” and reduces carb cravings

Cinnulin PF, 125 mg

  • Cinnamomum cassia bark water extract, 20:1 standardized
    to 1% trimeric and tetrameric type-A polymers
  • Cinnamon reduces blood sugar

Banaba Leaf Extract, 12.5mg

  • Lagestroemia speciosa, standardized to 1% corosolic acid
  • Aids the movement of glucose into the cells
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Has insulin-like effects at the insulin receptors of cells
  • Has antidiabetic and antiobesity effects

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