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Essential Oils

Essential Oil Quality

Not All Oils Are Created Equal

When purchasing essential oils, most people do not realize that there is only one company that stands above the rest in terms of quality.

Only one company owns farms across the globe to control:

    • which seeds are selected
    • how the ground is prepared and how the plant is cultivated
    • the precise distillation requirements for time, temperature and pressure
    • the multiple-lab verification process to assure that all of the 50 – 300 active ingredients (constituents) have been carefully distilled from the plant material
  • the bottling of the oil to give us 100% pure, authentic, genuine, potent essential oil.

Young Living is that ONE company and they call this process Seed to Seal.

When Choosing Essential Oils…

If you are seeking genuine, authentic, 100% plant-derived, accurately distilled and verified, unadulterated essential oils – choose Young Living.

Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of essential oils through their unique Seed to Seal process.

Each of us has a choice.

The right products can make a difference in your life and your health.

Just as we seek quality foods to nourish our bodies and care that our supplements are high potency without dyes and fillers, we can have the same care and confidence in choosing essential oils that we want to use for aromatherapy, topical application or internal use.

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Do You Want to Learn More?

I would love to share with you why I chose Young Living to be my essential oil provider.  They have made a huge impact in my life.

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If you desire to use more natural methods for the care of your family and your home, now is a great time to acquire a set of therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living.

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You can be a wholesale member when you start with the Premium Starter Kit.

  • 24% off your purchases.
  • No fee, just get a starter kit of 12 oils with diffuser
  • GREAT savings! $312 value for just $165.
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