Eat well. Be well.

Success Stories

Real food… turns around depression and boosts energy. Lost 33 pounds.

Carolyn’s Story

Before I took the Weight & Wellness Class we lived on sandwiches, pasta and cans of soup and any yummy sweets that were always at the church office (work). I never had any energy and I struggle with depression… and I just had a baby so losing weight was a definite need!

The class gave me freedom and confidence. I struggled with weight growing up, anorexia, and was bulimic for five years. I have felt that food has controlled me my entire life. Even when I wasn’t physically bulimic, I still felt like food controlled me or I used food to control my life. This is the first time I have felt so much energy and my moods are definitely more even. My husband has told me he feels like he has a whole new wife.

I cook more, plan meals, plan ahead, go grocery shopping more, and eat more whole foods, no more desserts. I learned sugar was my enemy, one piece of cheesecake on mother’s day and I was a goner. I felt absolutely horrible the next day. So I feel empowered to have self control as well as helping my family eat more veggies, whole grains, and limited carbs. I am trying to eat fish and I try to eat a healthy fat, a protein and veggies at every meal. I love my green smoothie drink!

My cousin and I made the recipe for fish packets yesterday and fresh green beans from a garden with a bit of brown rice. I felt so proud of my easy, yet super healthy meal!

 I have so much more energy which has helped my marriage. I have minutes to myself which I never did before. Whenever the kids napped, I napped too. Now I have time to exercise, read and spend time with my hubby because I can stay up later and still get up early and feel great all day long. I also feel more consistently happy and calm- – well, calm-ish! I don’t think “calm” is really a word that is usually used to describe me 😉

The first week is the most difficult. After that you start learning more and more foods that you are able to eat. You are fuller by eating healthy fats and proteins and veggies than you ever are on carbs and sweets! I am still off of sweets and bread and eat only limited carbs.

I found an exercise buddy and am exercising at least an hour a day, 6 days a week! As of today (6 month mark), I have lost 33 pounds and just completed a 10K race!

 If you are afraid to change, the only thing you have to lose is feeling bad! You can always go back to the way you currently eat if it doesn’t work for you, but I guarantee that once you feel better you won’t want to go back to the way you felt before.

Feeling better seems to have a snowball effect on one’s life. I feel better, I have more energy for my kids and my husband as well as time for me and all the opportunities God has before me. Our bodies are a temple of God and I feel like I am respecting it as that now. I am eating to live rather than living to eat! You can do it!