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Essential Oils

DIY Shower Bombs with Essential Oils

Essential oils are always around our home, especially during cold and flu season. Make your own Shower Bombs and you’ll love the spa-like experience. If you are like me, this combo of essential oils has me breathing easier.

DIY Shower Bombs are easy to make, and they will turn your shower into a spa experience.

Follow my recipe or experiment with your own favorite essential oil combo.



  • Stir baking soda and arrowroot powder together in a glass or stainless steel bowl.
  • Add water.
  • The consistency will be like wet sand, but it should hold together when firmly pressed in your hand.
  • Mix in essential oils.

Add Mixture to a Silicone Mold

Using a silicone candy mold, press the mixture into the wells and let dry about 18 hours. I do not recommend speeding up the process using the oven, to preserve all the goodness of the essential oils.


Store in an airtight container. It will last a very long time at room temperature. They are fragile, so for gift giving, use a small glass jar and add cushioning!

Usage Tips

Place the shower bomb in your shower out of the direct spray of water. Enjoy inhaling the therapeutic essential oils.

I used a smaller heart-shaped mold, knowing that I can add one or two to the shower. I also can add a shower bomb to a bowl of steaming hot water to use as a vapor tent. Just drape a towel over your head as you bend over the bowl to inhale the aroma.