Eat well. Be well.

Success Stories

I thought Menopause Doomed me … Now I have a Whole New Lease on Life!

Stephanie noticed a change in her moods. She felt “off” and “spaced out” for over eight months. She made an appointment with a psychiatrist who didn’t spend any time talking with her but simply said, “What drugs do you want? I’ll fill your prescription.” 

“When I met with Erin back in January, I felt horrible. I felt totally hormonally out of whack. I cried easily, couldn’t focus, was tired, moody, heavy and bloated. I wasn’t sleeping well, and I felt like it was totally out of my control. Now it’s like I have a whole new lease on life! I’ve lost weight (25 pounds) but more importantly, I feel balanced and healthy and in control of my health and wellness. I thought menopause doomed me and was making all the decisions. I’m still working on everything, but WOW what a difference this eating plan and essential oils have made! God put Erin in my path, and I am grateful.” — Stephanie A.