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Superfood: The Phytoplankton Health Experiment

Today I’m embarking on

The Phytoplankton

Health Experiment.

I am not being paid or in any way compensated to review this product.

Ian Clark’s personal health struggles led him to Marine Phytoplankton.


After listening to a podcast featuring Ian Clark, Owner & CEO of Activation Products, I had to try his product.
Ian is the Pioneering Founder of Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton

See Ian’s personal story at the end of this post and an offer for a free bottle when you purchase a bottle. 

Marine Phytoplankton.


Phytoplankton is  a nutrient that restores your body back to its optimal state. 

What is Marine Phytoplankton? Video Answer

A species of microalgae that grows in the ocean. There are more than 43,000 known species in existence with an estimate of over 200,000 in total. Oceans Alive is a single species, selected from careful study to find the best match to the human nutritional profile.

Marine Phytoplankton is a micro food that feeds 95% of the life in the ocean.

It is highly beneficial for human nutrition.

It is an ultimate powerful superfood.


Not just any phytoplankton will do

This is not a simple powder or capsule, This is a raw, unprocessed,  liquid form of marine phytoplankton and it is full of life!

Even other liquid phytoplankton products are not grown in this type of sealed environment. This is very important if you consider air pollution and environmental contaminants that are common with phytoplankton grown in open ponds. This phytoplankton is grown in a sealed environment.

Competitive products may sound similar, but often contain fillers.

Here is information that comes from the website for Oceans Alive.

Oceans Alive Phytoplankton is a unique super-nutrient from the ocean that provides the body with an increase in residual energy that builds up significantly when it is ingested on a daily basis.

Marine Plankton Benefits are attributed to the abundance of naturally produced vitamins, minerals and original life force (absorbed directly from the Sun). Everyone that partakes will enjoy a whole body inner strength that they have never experienced before.

Activation Products was created from a desire to become healthy by discovering and applying the very best foods and technologies in existence.

Marine Phytoplankton in Oceans Alive is GREEN! Nutrient Dense. The real deal. Comparison video

The Benefits of Phytoplankton

This Benefits blog post is worth reading.

  • It’s the most fundamental nutrient on the entire planet! Even the largest animal in the world — the blue whale — eats phytoplankton as the main source of its energy.
  • Modern foods are severely lacking the nutrients they originally had.
  • It’s like DNA rocket fuel! When your body receives such powerful nutrients, it suddenly perks up and you start experiencing life at the fullest. Your energy will begin to multiply, and your mind and body will respond in turn.
  • Extreme chlorophyll content increases oxygen uptake

What is in the Bottle?

Every drop of this Oceans Alive Phytoplankton contains more than 5 billion identical cells of energy that feeds your mitochondria like nothing you have experienced before.

Everyone reports a joyful mental energy and the power to make the most of every day!

This is the ultimate activator to high levels of health and is foundational to maximizing your quality of life.

The 30 ml bottle is the perfect size to take anywhere you go, ensuring your are getting that fresh harvested life energy regardless of circumstance.


A proprietary blend of Phyto/Nano nutrients consisting of Nannochloropsis Gaditana, Nannochloropsis Galasemis and Concentrated Purified Sea Mineral Trace Elements

Nannochloropsis Gaditana

Nannochloropsis gaditana is the very best variety of phytoplankton for human nutrition with the perfect amount of all the major amino acids, essential fatty acids pigments, and minerals your body needs at the DNA level. It took another 20 years for microbiologists to figure out how to grow with the wonder food in an artificial environment.

Benefits of Nannochloropsis gaditana

So what makes Nannochloropsis gaditana so special in the first place?

It feeds your brain, nervous system, and more and provides your body with many other benefits if consumed.

You’ll feel the difference once you add this natural wonder to your diet – after all, it’s like charging your body’s battery!


Mike Adams wrote a great review. Read it here.

I have no doubt that if every American were given just 10 drops of Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton each day, we’d see a huge drop in degenerative disease.

I think we’d see cancer rates plummet by up to 90 percent; diabetes would be drastically reduced, heart disease numbers would drop sharply. Alzheimer’s cases would be way down and behavioral disorders in children would virtually disappear. That’s from just 10 drops a day of just one microalgae product.

What health conditions can marine phytoplankton help treat or cure?

Based on my considerable nutritional research, I believe marine phytoplankton provides nutritional elements and phytochemicals that can help prevent, treat and cure all of the following health conditions*:

• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Type-2 diabetes
• Autoimmune disorders such as lupus
• Eczema and skin disorders
• Breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers
• Heart disease and atherosclerosis
• Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Parkinson’s disease and other neuromuscular disorders
• Liver disease and hepatitis
• Depression, mood swings and behavioral disorders
• Eye disease
• Infertility and reproductive system disorders
• Infections and common colds
• Asthma and respiratory disorders
• Kidney and bladder disorders
• Osteoporosis and skeletal disorders
• Chronic pain and joint pain

Learn more at

* Please do not self-treat or self-diagnose. Always work with a qualified naturopathic physician to treat or cure a disease or health condition. Please also note that curing most degenerative diseases requires that you stop poisoning yourself with processed foods, pharmaceuticals, toxic personal care products and other chemicals. No superfood will save you from a highly-toxic lifestyle, or smoking cigarettes, or taking poisonous pharmaceuticals. Do not use marine phytoplankton allopathically, as a way to mask your symptoms. Use it as part of a lifestyle transformation program that gets you OFF the dangerous chemicals and ON to natural medicine and fresh, living foods.

Safety note: Since marine phytoplankton contains vitamin K, it can theoretically interfere with blood thinning medications. So check with your naturopath about the safest way to get off your meds and get onto nutrition so that you no longer need blood thinning meds! (Which are based on rat poison, by the way… no kidding!)


A growing body of experimental evidence has confirmed that these compounds can play important roles in prevention (and even treatment) of human diseases and health conditions, e.g., cancer, cardiovascular problems, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, cataracts and some neurological disorders.Microalgae as Sources of Carotenoids (Guedes, 2011)

Pigments and Lipids

Plastids of Marine Phytoplankton Produce Bioactive Pigments and Lipids (Heydarizadeh, 2013)

Pigments and lipids from within and from phytoplankton have health benefits:

  • Anti-oxidant activities
  • Anti-inflammatory activities
  • Anti-mutagenic activities (reduces the rate of cellular mutation)
  • Anti-cancer activities activities
  • Cardioprotective (Heart)
  • Neuroprotective (Brain)
  • Hepatoprotective (Liver)
  • Photoprotective
  • Anti-obesity
  • Anti-allergic
  • Anti-cholesterol


David C. Testimonial – Chronically high liver enzymes.

Activation Products appears to use proprietary production practices that surpass those of their competition. With some products the claim is “we have no competition.” I use Black Cumin Seed Oil, Oceans Alive 2.0, and Magnesium Infusion. I will soon be adding Aramanth Oil to my regimen. In only 45 days my liver enzymes normalized after years of elevation (due to toxic pharmaceuticals). My goal is to bring massive improvement to my state of health.

Aaron F. Testimonial – Chronic Psoriasis

I had underarm psoriasis for over a decade. I tried everything under the sun and couldn’t get rid of it until I tried Oceans Alive. After four months of use the rash completely disappeared. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Jong C. Family Testimonial – Thyroid cancer, Knee pain, Back pain.


Beverly W. Testimonial – Crohns, Energy, Immune System, Skin

“Decades of Crohns, a resulting near fatal B12 deficiency recently & numerous life threatening or life affecting ailments as a result of a seriously poor immune system left me weak and very aware of my limitations. For good reason I shunned the drugs offered and sought alternative medicines, managing to control my health through herbal remedies and a strict diet.

However since discovering Marine Phytoplankton about three months ago I can honestly say I have never felt better, my energy levels are through the roof, I don’t ‘catch every bug going’ anymore & I am impressively mentally astute. It has completely changed my life, my outlook and my prospects. My health has improved dramatically, but added bonuses are that my skin looks amazing, I feel and look so much younger, my prominent facial mole has faded as have a few liver spots, my eyesight has improved and the list goes on & on.

Furthermore a friend of mine was free of all IBS symptoms after just a week & another friend has full articulate use of her arthritic hands again after about 2 months of taking Ocean’s Alive 2.0. My advice to anyone would be…. whatever ails you, give this a go – it certainly can’t do you any harm. It is simply the finest bio-available nutrition at a cellular level which is basically giving your body the ultimate tool kit with which to fix itself. Job done!”

VIDEO REVEALS: Methylation – the key to health.

  • How To Get Healthier, Increase Your Longevity And AGE-BACKWARDS
  • Activate An Eternal Flame Inside Your Body With “Re-Methylation”

Free Trial – Buy one, Get one Free

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Please NOTE: After 21 days you’ll be automatically enrolled in their monthly delivery.

You are not obligated and can cancel after the trial.

Ian’s Story

Ian wasn’t a doctor or scientist. He was just someone who started “connecting the dots” after he got severely ill, overweight and burned out 10 years ago.

He was down for the count, and everyone around me knew – I was growing desperate to STAY ALIVE. (Ian was only 46 – and his health and body were in a VERY bad place.)

He was disgustingly overweight, had chronic inflammation, condemning fatigue and
was ridden with multiple medical issues.

After a few years of this —Ian.Liver

Ian’s Body Became So Sick with Liver Disease, he withered down to a skeleton and turned all yellow

At that time, someone introduced him to Marine Phytoplankton. He noticed that it started to change his health, his perspective and life.

But Ian knew it could be better.

He knew an original, raw, unprocessed marine phytoplankton would be a hundred times better than processed powdered versions.

That’s when he seriously started doing research on harvesting, producing and storing it.

Ian went on & created his own premier-phytoplankton supplement, and consumes it religiously.

Today he is 100% recovered and healthy.

Oceans Alive is from Activation Products. I would only buy this from Activation Products and avoid Ebay and Amazon sellers. 


Guedes, Ana Catarina, Helena M. Amaro, and Francisco Xavier Malcata. “Microalgae as Sources of Carotenoids.” Marine Drugs 9.4 (2011): 625–644. PMC. Web. 13 May 2015.

Heydarizadeh, Parisa et al. “Plastids of Marine Phytoplankton Produce Bioactive Pigments and Lipids.” Marine Drugs 11.9 (2013): 3425–3471. PMC. Web. 13 May 2015.