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The Chicken Poop and Chewing Gum Diet – for your Beef

Follow the Poop

It doesn’t take much research on the internet to learn about some disgusting practices in the world of commercial food production.

I’m sure you would be surprised to learn that the beef you are buying at the grocery store possibly came from cows that have been fed chicken poop.

When “chicken litter” is fed to cattle it may contain feces, spilled chicken feed, feathers and other poultry farm debris.

Chicken manure is contaminated with a host of bad bacteria including salmonella and campylobacter.





“One of the most revolting things I learned while researching my new book Animal Factory is that some cattle are fattened on rations that include chicken manure. Poultry excrement is loaded with urea, which bovine stomachs are adept at converting into lean, ready-to-grill protein.” David Kirby, author Animal Factory.

“Our animals are being fed just about anything that enhances the bottom line, including chicken feathers, sawdust, chicken manure, stale pizza dough, potato chips, and candy bars.” Jo Robinson

Chewing Gum


A 1996 study was conducted to show how helpful it is to feed steer bubblegum still in the foil wrapper:
“Results of both experiments suggest that [gum and packaging material] may be fed to safely replace up to 30% of corn-alfalfa hay diets for growing steers with advantages in improving dry matter intake and digestibility.” The study was published in the Journal of Animal Science, PMID: 8923170



Factory farming is stressful and harmful to the animals, the environment, the nutritional content of the food, the workers on the factory farms and the small family farm.

Fruit overloadShould We Stop Eating Animal Foods?

Some people watch a movie like Food, Inc. or read about factory farming and swear off eating animals.

This is NOT a healthy option!

A vegan diet is plant-based, and will be high in carbohydrate since all fruit, grains and vegetables are carbohydrates. For most people this will not work in the long run.

Fatigue can set in, hair/teeth/nails begin to suffer, the liver is not able to properly detoxify, digestive function weakens, hormonal and mood issues develop and the body will not be at peak performance level.

Why Eat Animal Foods?

(From grass-fed animals)

Animal protein provides all the essential amino acids, and is a complete protein that is well-digested by humans. 

While plants have some protein, it is a poor source of protein since plants are always lacking some essential amino acids. Plants have cellulose, which is very hard to digest for humans. Animals like cattle that graze on grass can extract the protein and nutrients because they were created with a different digestive system.

Meat, poultry and dairy products are the best source of tryptophan.
Tryptophan is an amino acid involved in

  • reducing stress
  • lowering blood pressure
  • aiding in rest and relaxation.

It is how we make serotonin and is necessary for positive brain function.

Many people taking SSRI anti-depressants aren’t eating enough meat and don’t produce enough natural serotonin.

Adding animal protein and healthy fats to every meal can do wonders for those suffering from depression, helping to reduce or eliminate medication over time.

Vitamin B12 cannot be obtained from a vegan diet.

Vitamin B12 is critical for healthy cells and nerves.
A B12 deficiency can mimic dementia, causing memory problems and nervousness.


Symptoms potentially associated with vitamin B12 deficiency:

decreased blood clotting
numbness in feet
decreased reflexes
red tongue
difficulty swallowing
sore tongue
tingling in feet
heart palpitations
memory problems
weak pulse
menstrual problems


No plant makes B12, so eat animal products!

Ideally choose pasture-raised animal products. It is worth the effort to find healthy food like pasture-raised beef and chicken.

Eating animals that eat their natural diet produces meat and animal products that are healthy for you.

Many people choose to supplement Vitamin B12. I don’t recommend the cheap form cyanocobalamin (read your vitamin labels!) since this is a molecule of cyanide bound to the B12 cobalamin. Better forms are methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin.

Following a vegan diet may be detrimental to health. 

Please read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith, a committed vegan for 22 years who came to realize that the vegan diet was destroying her health as well as harming the planet.

Seek out the highest quality animal foods that your budget allows. 

Visit the farmers market in your area and talk with the farmer. Find out if the animals are raised on pasture, eating a natural diet.

Shop on-line at places like and seek out local farmers.

Are you new to eating grass-fed beef?

Check out some great cookbooks like this one, Tender Grassfed Meat, by Stanley Fishman.


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