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Essential Oils

Traveling with Essential Oils

Traveling with Young Living Essential Oils
by Debra Raybern

Traveling with essential oils is a great way to provide protection from the discomforts you might encounter – bad food, bad water, pesky annoyances, booboos, fatigue, etc.

Having these items on hand and ready to go when traveling, camping, vacationing or heading to the mission field and be ready to tackle all emergencies.

airplane seatsPlane

  • For traveling by plane, the TSA categorizes our oils as liquids and must fit in a quart size baggie along with your other liquids. Oils and NingXia Red travel safely in checked, and x-rayed baggage.
  • For checked bags, carry your oils in one of the padded oil carriers offered by Young Living. 5ml bottles will be the most convenient and the roll-ons.
  • Apply the oils BEFORE getting on the plane. Strong smells from using the oils onboard may not be appreciated by other travelers.

The Top Essential Oils and Products to Support Wellness While Traveling

NingXia Red sample packets– supports good immune system function, travel fatigue

Inner Defense—Contains Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system when taken as a dietary supplement.

Tsuga or Helichrysum —apply liberally over the area of minor bleeding and cover with gauze, apply slight pressure, repeat in 10 minutes if needed. See a doctor if stitches or medical attention is needed.

Lavender – calming and supportive for sleep, overcoming jet lag, and head pressure. Purification— apply generous amount over area.

PanAway—sore muscles, injuries, gently massage over area

YL Graphic Dog Travel

Melrose under the ears for airplane cabin pressure issues, apply to cuts and scrapes to cleanse.

Peppermint – digestive discomfort use the oil (Peppermint Vitality) on tongue and sip water. For temperature imbalance apply to bottom of feet, take orally. For muscle discomfort – apply one drop diluted with one drop olive oil to area.

DiGize oil over belly area and orally for stomach discomfort, bad food, loose stools, gas or sluggish bowel take 2-4 drops orally (Digize Vitality) every 30 minutes until relief. To
stop dry heaves- one drop DiGize Vitality rubbed on inside of cheeks or on tongue.

RC – protective on cuts and wounds against infection, for breathing difficulties (high altitude) – rub on chest or rub on Charlie horse cramps.

Thieves—super drawing oil for imbedded glass or splinters, – apply a liberal amount over area, bandage lightly and change every 30 minutes to an hour until object is removed.

  • For an achy tooth – apply Thieves Vitality directly to tooth, contains clove and cinnamon which may be irritating to sensitive skin and tissue, can be diluted with olive oil.
  • For immune support protection – massage into bottoms of feet, may take Thieves Vitality orally in NingXia Red, 4-5 drops or directly under tongue – very hot but very effective.


13 101916 Thieves

Rose Ointment —minor wounds and abrasions – apply to cuts, abrasions for healing. If using an essential oil first, apply the oil and top with the ointment.

Thieves Spray—on back of throat when dry or scratchy.

Lavaderm Spray—apply liberally and repeatedly until skin is soothed and cool.

Ocotea – 2-3 drops daily in your NingXia Red to guard against parasites.

Lemon – add one drop to drinking water to alkalize and purify

Frankincense – inhale to calm, wear as perfume, use to anoint others when praying

3204Comfortone—when more bowel movements are needed, take one capsule with evening meal, increase daily until desired effect, then maintain as needed. Keep things moving while traveling.

Peace & Calming – inhale, apply to pulse points or bottom of feet for fears or anxiousness

Valor oil or the Valor Roll-on – can be either invigorating or calming, inhale, wear on back of neck




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the health professional of your choice for specific health information. The author, products mentioned or Young Living is not responsible for its mis-use.


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