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Meet Erin Chamerlik

I know what it is like to eat the Standard American Diet, get seriously ill and realize that the diet and medical advice I had been given wasn’t working. I thought I was healthy but then got slammed with chronic hives that plagued me daily for over 2 years. During that time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, specifically Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. When my doctor suggested that I start on anti-depressant medication to cure my hives, I knew that I needed to find my own answers.

I spent time with many doctors including an allergist and internal medicine physician. My condition did not improve. The doctors offered me nothing more than prescription medications.

Another health challenge, a vocal cord that suddenly became paralyzed for months, kept me in the medical system for CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and mammograms. Receiving a wrong diagnosis of breast cancer ramped up my enthusiasm for natural medicine and led me pursue a Master’s degree in Health and Nutrition Education.

I used my knowledge of medicine and science to research the field of nutrition, developing programs and educational materials to help individuals learn how to incorporate simple strategies to improve health and wellness.

Through drastic changes in my diet and lifestyle my body healed itself of hives. As a bonus, I was able to reduce the amount of thyroid medication I needed. My energy levels soared and I returned to running and working out at the health club.

As a health and nutrition educator and wellness coach, I am dedicated to helping others achieve optimal health, vitality and wellness. I am passionate about health and nutrition and I am a strong advocate for natural health.

I earned a BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, MT(ASCP) certification in Medical Technology from Rockford Memorial Hospital and Master of Science in Health & Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University.


I am a health and wellness educator.

I recommend a Real Food nutrition plans for most people and explain the benefits of restricting grains, legumes and increasing healthy natural fat, clean animal protein and nutrient-dense vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts.

In addition to Real Food nutrition, I also recommend quality supplementation and essential oils to help improve chronic conditions including overweight, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, skin conditions, pain, GERD, brain fog, migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, autoimmune conditions and more.

My plan will help you optimize weight, balance hormones, increase energy, uncover hidden food sensitivities, detect candida overgrowth, dysbiosis, and leaky gut.

Community education, classes and workshops, corporate education, and seminars are held on a variety of topics in locations across the United States.



MS Health & Nutrition Education, Hawthorn University
Medical Technologist, MT(ASCP), Rockford Memorial Hospital
BS Biology, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater


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