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Zeolite – Perhaps the Best Detoxifier Ever Discovered

Around the world millions of people have been using zeolite to remove harmful toxins and pollutants so they can live healthier lives. But not all zeolites work the same way. Research shows the zeolite Clinoptilolite is the most widespread and studied is the naturally occurring zeolite [source]. It is used for its ion exchange and adsorbent properties. “At present, many positive effects are recognized due to the capacity of natural occurring zeolite clinoptilolite to adsorb and therefore remove harmful substances like heavy metals, ammonia, or other small molecules in the gastrointestinal tract of humans [source]. 

5 Big Health Benefits of Zeolite

When properly processed and optimally sized for adsorption, zeolite can provide significant whole-body benefits. By removing the toxins that negatively impact your health, zeolite supports natural renewal.

  1. Master Detoxifier – Research shows it selectively binds to toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive particles and volatile organic compounds—removing them from the body.
  2. Alkalinizes the body – Supports healthy pH levels for healthy metabolism.
  3. Strengthens Immunity – Removes toxins that suppress and damage immunity.
  4. Supports a healthy gut – Research shows zeolite is beneficial for digestive health.
  5. May improve mood – Reduces heavy metals that impact clarity, focus and mood.

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How to Use Zeolite Clinoptilolite Spray

  • Take 4 sprays 3 times per day (30 day supply)
  • Just spray into the mouth, and the zeolite infused water molecules quickly carry detoxifying zeolite throughout the body.
  • Proprietary Processed Hydrated Clinoptilolite Zeolite .64 mL per serving (4 sprays)
  • Other Ingredients: Pure water
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
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Why Detox?


  • Store in your fat cells, making it hard to lose weight.
  • Mess with your memory, clarity and focus.
  • Interfere with your immune system.
  • Disrupt your endocrine systems, affecting your energy, sleep and quality of life.
  • Are unavoidable! They are in the food you eat, water you drink and air you breathe.

The Best Source of Zeolite is Natural Clinoptilolite

Clinoptilolite Zeolite:

  • Research shows it selectively binds to toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive particles and volatile organic compounds.
  • Extensively studied for efficacy ( 
  • Granted GRAS status by the FDA (Generally Recognized as Safe).
  • Helps to balance the body’s pH, considered essential for good health.
  • Acts like a magnet to attract and trap heavy metals and positively-charged toxins in and onto its crystalline structure.

How Zeolites Work

Zeolites are created in nature when volcanic ash meets seawater, it triggers a natural reaction, resulting in a mineral that has several unique properties that make it highly effective for detoxification.

Zeolites Trap Toxins in Cage-Like Structures

Zeolites trap metals
Zeolites are connected together via their oxygen atoms. These link into a three-dimensional crystalline structure with molecule-sized tunnels and cavities, to build a  cage-like structure:

Zeolites can adsorb molecules and ions that are smaller than the size of the pore openings. The cage framework has an overall negative charge. The negative charge of the framework is balanced by positively-charged ions in the holes in the cage [source].

Negatively-Charged Mineral (opposites attract)

  • Zeolites are a rare negatively-charged mineral. Like magnets, zeolites attract positively-charged particles into and onto their surface.
  • And it just so happens that most heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and many other environmental toxins are positively-carged. That makes zeolite a natural detoxifier.
  • When properly processed, the zeolite will give the body a good ion, like calcium, and take a bad ion, like lead.
  • Zeolites Do Not Accumulate or Stay in the Body
  • Unlike other minerals, zeolites do not accumulate or stay in the body. They pass through in about four to six hours, bringing any toxins they trapped with them. That means toxins end up where they belong, in the toilet.

What about the Toxins from the Ohio Train Derailment

I highly recommend using zeolite in the liquid, natural form (avoid synthetic zeolite) to deal with everyday toxins and big problems like heavy metals and the problem created in Ohio.

Currently our country and Canada is dealing with the aftermath of the Ohio Train Derailment. One million gallons of Vinyl Chloride (a precursor to polyvinyl chloride) were released. Then it was set on fire. Burning chlorinated compounds created the more highly toxic synthetic chemicals called Dioxins. Dioxins and their first cousins furans are compounds that result from the burning of chlorinated chemical compounds.

Dioxins are fat-soluble and will be present in foods that come from animals and may be in foods grown in the fall-out area.

The wind blew the toxic chemicals to other states and into Canada contaminated a large food region. This is not just a local situation since it is being spread by wind and water. It will persist in the soil for hundreds of years before it will be gone from the soil, rivers, streams and vegetation. The EPA wrongly told people that it was safe to go home.

Other beneficial ways to detox:


  • One of the world’s strongest natural antioxidants with benefits for immune, joints, skin, heart, and eye health as well as recovery from exercise.
  • Helps support healthy immune function.
  • Therapeutic effects for liver injury.
  • Read more about Astaxanthin.

Black Cumin Seed/Oil

  • Liver Protective
  • Black cumin, Nigella sativa, has been shown in science to have antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. [source]  
  • Black cumin is liver-protective [source]
  • Black cumin protects against lung damage induced by various chemicals including cigarette smoke, nicotine and cadmium. Lungs damaged by chemicals will usually show an increase in inflammation, oxidative stress, and apoptosis. Black cumin attenuated lung damage by inhibiting these pathological events
  • Read more about Black Cumin Seed and Oil


Hawaiian Spirulina

  • Boosts immune system
  • Protects liver and kidneys
  • Cancer Preventive Potential
  • Removes radiation from the body
  • Read more about Spirulina

Glutathione, liposomal, and/or NAC

G.I. Detox+

Liver Detox supplement with Milk Thistle

Curcumin – Curcuma Supreme NF-kB Formula

Omega 3 – Cod Liver Oil Lemon

Vitamin C – food form supplements and whole foods

Drink 2oz NingXia Red daily – highest in antioxidant plants.

Aloe Vera Juice

Organic Green Tea

Beta-carotene foods (carrot, peppers, pumpkin, dark green leafy veg)

Lycopene foods (tomatoes, red cabbage, carrots)





Broccoli Sprouts

  • Broccoli sprouts are growing on my kitchen counter.
  • Get your jars going! These sprouts are going to help you DETOX – they have I3C indole 3 Carbinol.
  • Sprouting at home is easy! Get fresh food on your countertop!
  • Sprouting is the process of soaking, then germinating seeds and beans.
  • Eating the young seedling sprout provides an abundance of nutrients in the freshest form possible.
  • Soaking the seed or bean in water releases the natural enzymes and the dormant seed/bean comes to life.
  • Read my post: Sprouting 101 and learn how to sprout.

InfraRed Sauna

Sunrise/Sunset Red Rays

Detox Bath

Fulvic Acid

Iodine, Detoxadine

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