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What is fairlife Milk?

“It’s like they got Frankenstein to lactate,” scoffed Stephen Colbert on his show. “If this product doesn’t work out, they can always re-introduce Milk Classic.

Fair Oaks Farms - Not Grass Fed.


This is fairlife milk being distributed by Coca Cola in partnership with Fair Oaks Farms.

The story behind the product is fantastic marketing spin.
The milk is from factory farmed animals fed GMOs. These cows are not outside eating grass.

Call the company and ask.

IMG_1114fairlife milk isn’t from grass fed cows.

Several bloggers have called the company:
“The cows are fed corn, soy, alfalfa, and a mixture of grains. I asked, “any grass?” The representative said, “No grass.” wrote
“According to the fairlife rep I spoke with, the company grows a mixture of GMO corn, soy, alfalfa, and grains that is used to feed their cows,” wrote Bethany

The processing of fairlife filters out what God intended and then it is pasteurized.
It is worse than organic milk and costs much more.


Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released a video showing animals being abused at one of the Fair Oaks Farms, the corporation behind fairlife milk.

“On June 4th, 2019, ARM released disturbing footage of one of its most grueling factory farm investigations to date. Initiating in 2018, an ARM undercover investigator captured surveillance evidence of the systematic and horrific animal abuse that is occurring at the Fair Oaks Farm’s Dairy Farm Adventures, located in Indiana, USA.

Owned and operated by Mike and Sue McCloskey, under the fairlife Corporation, Fair Oaks Farms not only stands as one of the largest dairy farm corporations in the United States, but it has also repeatedly and publicly, prided itself as ‘acting as a window to the agriculture world’  by providing complete transparency into the everyday operations of a dairy farm.”

“In our 10 years of being undercover, we have never seen such consistent, constant abuse to a newborn baby animal,” ARM Founder Richard Couto says in the video.

(Video can be seen here. WARNING: the footage is graphic and may be disturbing for viewers.)

Jewel-Osco Removed fairlife Products After Undercover Video Showing Animal Abuse at Fair Oaks Farms.

Let’s hope all retailers will also remove fairlife products as well.

Healthiest Milk

In my opinion the healthiest milk is raw milk that comes from a farmer you trust, with truly pasture-raised cows, given no antibiotics or hormones.

It contains all the fat and has not been processed or homogenized.

Find Real Milk


Raw milk is very difficult for many people to acquire.

If you cannot acquire raw, grassfed milk, I do not recommend drinking grocery-store organic milk because it is pasteurized and usually homogenized.

The pasteurization process is put in place to kill the microbes that are in the milk because of factory farming practices.

Pasteurization destroys many nutrients and makes insoluble much of the calcium.