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How She Lost 50 Pounds

What are your health goals?

Write them down and find a mentor to guide you.

You are welcome to join my Facebook group: Whole Healthy Journey – it is free and it is all about nourishing ourselves with real food.


One gal, Kris*, joined my 21 day group last spring.
Stubborn health challenges had plagued her for a long time.
She described herself as “very overweight” and listed many concerns that weren’t turning around:

*Heart Palpitations (but doctor said the EKG was normal and that she was fine)

Kris just wanted to feel better and start turning the weight around.

Real food was the answer.


Before joining our group, she would try to do “clean eating” but would fall off and feel frustrated.

Then she joined my group and guess what happened? She learned how to nourish her body. She loved eating this way and because she saw fast results, she kept going!

5 months later Kris reported feeling so much better and has continued healthy eating and her body is healing and dropping the weight.

So far she lost 50 pounds in 5 months.

The journey continues and I am so happy for her, she has made this a lifestyle and she’s in a great place!

Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself to follow the plan?

If you join us, and follow the plan for 30 or 60 days – you will turn your life around and never want to go back.

What can real food do for you?

Join my group, Whole Healthy Journey.

*not her real name 😉