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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health


Apple Cider Vinegar

    • Raw apple cider vinegar has the “mother” visible. It appears as a cob web  in the bottle and contains amino acids, enzymes and probiotics.
    • Benefits galore
      • Appetite suppressing
      • Has enzymes to help break down food
      • Weight loss – increases metabolism
      • Study showed when people consumed acetic acid like that in ACV
          • Significant weight loss
          • Loss of abdominal fat
          • Lower triglycerides
      • Has probiotics to help heal the gut
      • Speeds the digestive process
      • Increases feelings of satiety
      • Helps tame the blood sugar spikes that lead to hunger and fat storage
      • Benefits for digestion, gas, constipation
      • Benefits for heartburn
      • Supports heart health and benefits blood pressure, decreases triglycerides and VLDL (heart damaging lipoprotein)
      • Helps with sore throat. Gargle with warm water and ACV several times a day.
      • Skin – apply topically to helps with bug bites, sunburn, poison ivy. 
      • Energy – potassium and enzymes help boost energy. 
      • ACV has beneficial bacteria and beneficial yeast that fights the unwanted yeast like candida and unhealthy bacteria 
      • Clear a congested nose
      • Curbs cravings for sugar and starchy carbs

Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are both acidic and benefit digestion by stimulating stomach acid production. 

Most people do not realize that their heart burn and acid reflux are caused by LOW stomach acid. Consuming raw apple cider vinegar has benefits for acid reflux sufferers.

Fairchild’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Great quality and flavor. Fairchild’s is undiluted, so it is 25% stronger than regular raw apple cider vinegar.

“The undiluted truth. A family-owned business, Fairchild’s promises to always strive to produce the purest apple cider vinegar. Our only ingredient remains Washington State whole, fresh, organic, juice-grade apples. Nothing else, not even water. We will always treat our customers, employees, and partners fairly and with respect.”~ Roger Fairchild, Founder and President

How to take Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Try taking 1 – 3 tsp Raw Apple Cider vinegar in a glass of water before meals. It is best to start with a low amount and increase from there.

Be sure to rinse your mouth after drinking fresh lemon in water or apple cider vinegar in water.