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Easily Track your Fat Burning by measuring ketones

Ketones are one of the hottest topics in the world of dieting, fitness and with endurance athletes and anyone seeking peak performance. I recommend a real-food way of eating, ideally grain-free, incorporating plenty of healthy fats, moderate protein, and non-starchy vegetables at meals.

Because of biochemical individuality, we cannot all eat the exact same diet and achieve the same results. People often react very differently to the same lifestyle change, and it can be quite difficult to tease out the effects certain foods have on your own metabolism. Measuring ketones is an excellent way to monitor fat-burning while personalizing macronutrients. It will allow you to fully reap the rewards of a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.

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Are you tracking your fat burning with hard data (throw out your bathroom scale, that is not what we are talking about here)? Test, don’t guess! When you see even a little bit of progress, you’ll know that you are on the right track and it helps keep your head in the game. Track your ketone levels to see exactly how your fat-burning is progressing.

Until recently, it has been difficult to monitor ketone levels.

Urine stick tests are inaccurate, blood tests are expensive and require multiple fingersticks each day adding up to $50 – $100 per month. Previous breath ketone devices were often poorly made, unreliable, and not backed by clinical research – BIOSENSE ketone breath monitor is patented and accurate enough to replace invasive blood measurements.

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If you are ready to get a clear picture of your state of nutritional ketosis—your fat-burning mode—you will love using the new BIOSENSE device.

This is the only accurate breath ketone meter. Is is backed by clinical studies and registered as an FDA Class-1 Device.

How does it work?

Simply blow into the device. It works by scoring your ketone levels on a scale of 0-40.

The device links via Bluetooth to a smartphone app (free). Every time you measure, your results are graphed and stored, so you can easily track your progress and share with clinicians, coaches, or friends

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Ketone Levels And You

Guidelines for following a low-carb lifestyle are well established, and easy to understand. Need help? Pick up a copy of my book, The Reclaim Diet.

Ketone tracking is hugely beneficial to first-time carb cutters, as these people often test out which choices might increase their ketone levels.

But it’s also useful for anyone who has already reached nutritional ketosis and strives to stay there. After all, understanding what kicks you out of ketosis is just as valuable as understanding what puts you in it!

BIOSENSE readings now integrate with the Cronometer app! ⁣

HOW IT WORKS: Link your BIOSENSE and Cronometer accounts using the Cronometer app settings. Your BIOSENSE readings will then be automatically imported into the Cronometer app.⁣
View hourly and daily ketone trends⁣
Calibrate your nutrition, workouts and sleep for optimal results⁣