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Bagels Are Not Health Food and Jelly Donuts Don’t Have Jelly at Dunkin’ Donuts


I used to work at Dunkin’ Donuts in the 70’s. I only made about $1.30 an hour plus tips, enough to buy an album every week (Stairway to Heaven, anyone?).

I was allowed to eat donuts for free during my shift and I easily ate a few every time I worked.

In honor of sharing this bit of history, I decided to look at the old stand by,

The Jelly-Filled Donut. 36 grams of carbs  (turns into 9 tsp of sugar).

Happily, after reading the ingredient list on-line, I can safely say I will never eat a jelly donut for the rest of my life:

  • GMO soy flour, wheat, chemical vitamins
  • SIX Gums: Cellulose Gum, Guar Gum, Acacia Gum, Carrageenan, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum
  • GMO Soybean Oil, Soy Lecithin
  • Egg
  • Trans fats: Mono and Diglycerides
  • GMO Corn Syrup, GMO Sugar, Apple Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric Acid,
  • Colored with Fruit and Vegetable Juice
  • Chemical Preservatives: Sodium Citrate, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate 
  • GMO Topping: Sugar, Powdered Sugar (Dextrose, Corn Starch, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Artificial Flavor).
  • MSG: (Artificial/Natural Flavor, Sodium Caseinate, Enzyme)
  • Colored with Turmeric and Annatto Extracts
  • Apple Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric Acid,
  • Preservatives: (Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate)

One donut has 36 grams of carbs, which turns into about 9 tsp of sugar almost immediately as you eat it. Not a big surprise with 5 different kinds of sugar.

Six different types of gum?

I guess when there is not a speck of fruit in a jelly donut then Dunkin’ Donuts creates a jelly-like substance by mixing up a few sugars and various gums. Be sure to use all the GMO sugar possible. 

Bagels are not health food.

Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Raisin Bagel has 67 grams of carbs

Just to keep you out of the Dunkin’ Donuts drive up window, The Cinnamon Raisin Bagel has 16.5 tsp of sugar coming from 67 grams of carbs.

Bagels are just bad news for your blood sugar and energy levels. Yes, I’m even talking about a gluten-free bagel with fairly clean ingredients — that can have 50-60 grams of carbs (14 tsp sugar).

Dunkin’ Donuts Lg Vanilla Bean Coolatta has 172 grams of carbs

WOW! The sugar-coma-in-a-plastic-cup, The Vanilla Bean Coolatta, has 43 tsp of sugar in the large serving (172 grams of carbs)!!

Seriously, check out the website, to see your favorite treat. Calculate how much sugar this stuff turns into once consumed by dividing carbs by 4.

Eat a Nutrient Dense Breakfast – skip the bread and starchy carbs

Breakfast 101:

Studies have shown that skipping breakfast is linked to increased risk for overweight and obesity while breakfast consumption is associated with lower BMIs in adults.

While the body is healing and you are getting off the blood sugar roller coaster from eating bagels, cereal, scones and toast for breakfast, construct breakfast around three things:

  1. Quality animal protein
  2. Healthy fat
  3. Lots of veggies

When you have this type of breakfast you will feel full and satiated. Your blood sugar will remain stable and you will not be hungry for about 3 – 5 hours.

Read my book, The Reclaim Diet, to learn more.


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