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How to Reverse Diabetes with Eric Westman, MD

Host Erin Chamerlik, health &  nutrition educator interview with Eric Westman, MD. Duke University Medical Center.

Dr Westman’s  research interest in disease prevention is refreshing. Dr. Westman knows how to reverse diabetes and is helping people on a daily basis to do just that.

We have been wrongly taught that saturated fat is bad and whole grains are good. Dr. Westman explains why the best approach is a carb-restricted diet which balances the blood sugar. In his clinic, Dr. Westman puts people on low carb diets. Without carbs there is no rise in blood sugar. Patients often come off medication quickly, speaking of the POWER of REAL food to heal and reverse disease.

Dr. Westman is a co-author of the new book, The New Atkins for a New You. By the way, in this podcast, Dr. Westman explains that textbooks from the 1800’s detail the concept of a carb-restricted diet for managing diabetes. This was the treatment of choice until 1920’s when insulin was discovered.

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