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Essential Oils

Essential Oils as Natural Medicine – Video

Learn how to use Essential Oils as Natural Medicine—a safe and effective way to have a natural medicine cabinet.

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Oil highlight

Lavender planting at this iconic Utah lavender farm starts in mid-April, while harvesting season starts early to mid-July.

  • Mona farm workers plant lavender in a material that reduces weeds, retains moisture, and traps sunlight to keep the ground warm.
  • A cover crop is also planted between the rows of lavender; this adds nutrients to the soil, reduces weed pressure, and creates biodiversity for pollinating insects.
  • One acre of lavender produces up to 5 liters of oil, which is a ratio of approximately 18 plants for every 15 ml bottle of oil.

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What are essential oils? 

In purely practical terms, essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from aromatic plants to capture that plant’s scent, flavor and natural benefits. You’ll find these highly potent compounds in a plant’s seeds, flowers, bark, roots, leaves, stems, rinds, fruit and resin. 

There are many who also see essential oils as the essence of a plant, the purest distillation of nature’s living energy. These oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, with new uses and benefits still being discovered today.

To enjoy the concentrated plant effects—the benefits of essential oils—you can apply them topically, typically added to other carrier oils, creams and lotions. Other benefits come from diffusing these oils’ inviting aromas throughout your living or workspaces with an essential oil diffuser. Certain grades of oil can even be ingested and are used to flavor food and drinks. 

How do essential oils work?

There are three primary ways that the beneficial constituents in essential oils can interact with your body: aromatically through the olfactory nerves, topically through the skin and internally through ingestion. Not every oil is suited for skin contact without diluting the oil first, and only certain oils are safe for ingestion. Always check the label instructions to see which method is best with the specific oil you’re using.

Aromatically: Breathe them in

Inhaling the scent of essential oils can stimulate the body on various levels. You’ll find that when you breathe in a certain scent, your body will react without you even realizing it. By simply inhaling or diffusing a scent, you can evoke a desired atmosphere or even recall a childhood memory through the limbic system—the brain’s center of memory, emotion and behavior. Using oils aromatically is an excellent way to reap the benefits of essential oils and positively impact your outlook and environment.

Topically: Soak them up

Essential oils can also work topically when applied to the skin, where they can be absorbed into the body. Topical use is an important way to deliver essential oils to the body. Relieve pain, support sore muscles but also when we apply oils to the skin, they get absorbed into the body where they do their work. 

Internally: Take them in

Not all oils can be ingested, but some qualify as dietary supplements. We will talk about how to safely use essential oils as dietary wellness supplements internally.