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No more fibromyalgia, rosacea cleared and lost 26 lbs. in 6 months.

Melissa’s Story

After I had my first child about sixteen years ago, I began to experience extreme fatigue and pain.

At first I just thought it was because I was a new mother with round the clock feedings and was tired.

My husband was working 12 hour days during this time and I was alone with the baby. I expected that as time went on, I would begin to feel better. I did not, and I actually felt worse.

I thought feeling horrible and achy was normal part of the recovery from child birth but when I was unable to snap the snaps on my baby’s clothing or open the baby food jars because my hands hurt so much, I knew something was really wrong. If I got down on the floor with the baby I was unable to get up without help.


I was exhausted and in pain all the time.

I went to the doctor and was tested for arthritis and other ailments but they came up negative. The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me so he prescribed antidepressant medication.

At that point, I had given birth to two children 16 months apart and struggled through pain and fatigue every day.

Stomach issues similar to IBS also joined the list of problems that had also become a part of my daily living.

I was depressed but it was a direct result of pain and exhaustion and not the other way around, so I refused the antidepressants.

The pain and fatigue seemed to improve a little bit a few years later but then my face started turning red and swollen and my skin was flaky. I had terrible acne even though I had not had acne as a teenager! My nose was very red and broken out and my skin was puffy and irritated all the time. I caked on the makeup to hide it but I was convinced that everyone was staring at my horrible skin condition.

I went back to my doctor, who explained to me what acne rosacea was and he asked me, “Do you know what Carl Malden’s nose looks like (actor with a red and bulbous nose)? Well, you have rosacea and that is what you will look like eventually. Your nose will get bigger and swell and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I left his office and cried most of the day as the reality of his words sank in. I was told it was hopeless so I tried to muster self-confidence and accept myself as I was. I was singing in church in front of the congregation at the time and knew I needed to learn to be comfortable with how I looked. It did not occur to me that diet had anything to do with my skin condition.

My family of four was busy and meals were usually quick and convenient. For breakfast I might grab a bagel. I didn’t take a lunch to work because I could always find treats in the break room. For dinner I often made pasta or something frozen. I always tried to serve one vegetable at dinner, usually frozen beans or corn. I didn’t drink much water, preferring sweetened ice tea. I tried many different skincare products and I even made my own natural organic products. It helped a little bit, but did not fix the problem.

After being encouraged by my sister Erin who is a whole-foods nutritionist, I decided to join the Whole Healthy Journey group – a 21 day group to support weight loss and wellness.

She seemed confident that my health issues were related to my diet.

Although my excess weight should have been enough motivation, my primary concern was my face.

I had resigned myself to being heavy. I had fought with my weight since high school, trying many diets along the way like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Everything worked for a little while but eventually I would end up putting the weight back on.

But, like I said, my weight was not the biggest problem that bothered me. My face being red and flaky was far more embarrassing to me and was the impetus that drove me to try the detox. I was ready to try anything to fix my skin!

I was still achy but did not connect the dots of food to the rosacea or the pain I experienced.

During the 21 day Whole Healthy Journey group, (the plan is outlined in the book, The Reclaim Diet) I learned how to eat meals and snacks based on whole foods. I started taking supplements and used essential oils to support my emotions and wellness.

When I made the changes, I started to see the weight melt off. I noticed the pain and fatigue improved as I stayed on the eating plan.

Another benefit was that the skin on my face looked like it had years before all the trouble began!


No more puffy, red face and I lost a total of 26 pounds and aches and pains are gone!

Additionally, so many other health problems have cleared up and my emotions are so much more stable. I have energy and don’t need to take a rest after walking a flight of stairs!

    • I dealt with plantar fasciitis and that is gone.
    • I had chronic sinus infections and headaches and I don’t deal with any of it anymore.
  • Oh, and the IBS, it is gone too.

I tried going back to the SAD (Standard American Diet) thinking that I just could try it and see what happened. But I quickly found that I can’t do that anymore. My face started turning red and breaking out and some of the weight and pain slowly crept back. It isn’t worth it to me so I am committed to a lifestyle of eating well and treating my body well by not using toxic chemicals.

I recently did the 21 Day group, Whole Healthy Journey, again in January and was reminded how great it feels to be ache and pain free and have a clear face! For me, taking supplements, using essential oils and eating clean, directly results in looking and feeling great. Now I know I won’t ever stray again.

If you are ready to take back your health and change your life, I highly recommend that you do it NOW! Don’t wait! You can feel and look better! It is not hopeless as I was told by doctors!

I challenge you to really commit and do it right. Don’t just stick your toe in and say it doesn’t work.

Resolve to give 100% effort and after that first week, you’ll see some remarkable changes.

Then, if you stick to it, in three weeks you’ll be amazed at how great you feel and how easy it is. You will wonder why you ever hesitated.

Are you ready to look and feel your best?

Get The Reclaim Diet book here.

Melissa Filippi is a Certified Life Coach, a Wellness Coach and has been a Social Worker for 20 years. As a former addictions counselor she has experience with assisting those overcoming addictions to sugar and food. She works with people of all ages and teaches strategies to overcome anxiety, manage anger and helps them to improve their life circumstances.

Contact Melissa at 224-623-2480.